6th Grade

Mar 10

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Mar 10

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Feb 24

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Dear all, 

During the class held on February 23th the material from the class held on February 16th was reviewed. The reasoning behind that is that half of the class was missing on the 16th and thus missed important building blocks that are essential to the rest of the lesson plan. The class was able to move on with the material due to great level of participation and attention provided by students. The class was able to practice translation of Hebrew to English on vocabulary appearing in the prayer שלום עליכם.


1) Tell me about the two angels walking with you from temple home on Shabat evening

2) What does the interaction with the angels in the prayer reminds you off?

3) Let's sing the prayer! (Singing along with parents)



Feb 17

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Hello all,
During the class held on February 15th the class have started to learn the prayer Shalom Alicham(שלום עליכם). The class have practiced reading the prayer both in Hebrew and English. The class have reviewed main themes of the prayer and discussed the setting and atmosphere of the prayer.
The class have interacted with the prayer in both artistic and musical ways.


Who are we welcoming in the prayer?
How does the prayer makes you feel?
 What is the main theme of the prayer?


Feb 3

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Greetings Parents,

During our last class we have explored resistance to the Nazi regime. We then attached the first two episodes (out of 5) of The diary of Anne Frank.  Examples of questions you may ask your children about this lesson are:

 - Describe the different type of resistance (cultural vs. armed)

 - Who were the Partisans

 - What were the living conditions in Anne Frank's attic

A quick homework (optional) reminder: The 3 questions about the article I sent home with them a few weeks ago ("A Year in Hell")  are due this Sunday.

Thanks!  Yaron 

Jan 13

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1. Who is Sheeree?

2. Can you the name in a Hebrew sentence? (should be 2 or more words?)


Dec 16

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Dear all,

 On the class held on 12/14/2016 the class have learned part one of a two part class teaching the prayer אבות ואמהות (A-Vot Ve-Ai-Ma-Hot). The students have learned about the origin of the prayer and the emotional setting the prayer was created to. The students have practice correct reading and pronunciation of the prayer. The player have practice translation of a portion of the prayer. Additionally, students have practice vocabulary that have been studies thus far.

Questions to ask the student:

 1) Who created the prayer A-Vot Ve-Ai-Ma-Hot and why?

2) Who are the three Avot and 4 Aimahot 

3) How our relationship with out parents parallel with our relationship with A-Vot Ve-Ai-Ma-Hot 



Dec 9

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6th Wednesday:

How do we place/light the Chanukah candles.

Sing the Chanukah candle lighting blessings. They are in the packet sent home.

Discuss the other Chanukah miracles ie: the smaller army beats the stronger army and how that could happen.

Dear all,


During the class on December 7th, the class has learned the prayer אדני שפתי תפתח (Adoni spatai tiptah) as an introduction to the עמידה (Amida) prayer. The student have learned three new key roots that are related to this prayer and many other prayers. Students learned the history and origin of the prayer and regarding the emotional tone of the prayer. All student engaged in reading the prayer and translating to a "gist" level. All student engaged in direct translation of a small part of the prayer.

Question to be asked:

1)What roots have you learned this week?

2) Who wrote the Adoni Spatai Tiptah prayer and what was the purpose of the prayer?

3) The Adoni Spatai Tiptah is an opening prayer to which important prayer?



Dec 2

posted Dec 2, 2016, 12:14 PM by Benny Levy

Dear all,

On Novermber 30th the class learn the מי-כמוכה (Mi-Kamoha) prayer. The class learned about the origin and the history of the prayer. Additionally, the class discussed the emotional tone of the prayer and how that tone related to the people of Israel crossing the Red Sea more than 2000 years ago, and how the emotional tone relates to our own modern lives.

Each student in the class practice correct reading of the prayer in addition to correct pronunciation of the words appear in the prayer.



Nov 18

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Dear all

During the class held on 11/16/2016 the prayer ואהבת (ve-a-hav-ta) was learned. The Prayer relation to the Shema was discussed as well as the relationship to A-hava raba. Both prayers that were learned in previous classes. Each of the students practiced correct pronunciation of the words in the prayer ואהבת

Additionally, students translated a portion of the prayer to English and discussed how they interpret the prayer now that an English translation is available.

The students received a small portion of homework.



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