24-Day Weight Loss Challenge Package

Package Includes

Initial Diagnostic six-point Metabolic Assessment (Click HERE for a short video)

1- Muscle—how many pounds of muscle do you have?

2- Bone masshow does your bone mass compare to others? 

3- Visceral fat (the fat around your organs)—this fat inside your core is known as the “killer fat.” How much is inside your core?

4- Body fat percent—body fat percentage is a much better indicator of your health than just your weight.

5- Metabolic age—what is your body age really? The scale may show you to be much younger, or much older than you think you are!

 6- Which of 9 physique builds are you? Thin but under muscle, overweight but highly muscled, or one of 7 other physique builds?

Followed by:

* 45-minute group consultation and menu planning workshop.

* Ten Day Jump Start with online videos to get started quickly.

* 1-hour personal consultation once Jumpstart is under way.

* One, 1-hour cooking class (your choice from 4 classes offered)

* Two, 1-hour Zumba fitness classes.

* 30-minute personal trainer consultation

* Two additional weeks of online video education on weight loss and healthy life styles

Plus mid-point and post-program Metabolic Assessments on days 11 and 21.

BONUS--Entry into the Trinity Health weight loss challenge to win a free iPad2.