Useful Links

On this page you will find links to many useful websites. If you want to talk to a professional about any information you find here, please contact the staff at the SBHC. If we are missing a topic, please let us know! Email Caitlin at

General Health Information for Teens

    * Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
    * Cook County Department of Public Health
    * Girls
    * Teen Health from the National Institutes of Health
    * Washington Post Health Topics

Oral Health

    * American Dental Association

Reproductive Health

    * Teen NPR blog article – Talking about Sex with Teens
    * Girls Health - A website created by the US government with information on every imaginable subject for girls and teens.

LGBT Health

    *  CDC website for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Health. Includes information on bullying and other resources.

Mental Health

    * National Institute of Mental Health - For any and all information about mental health, from coping with traumatic events to ADHD. Look for the specific section for children and adolescent mental health.
    * Teen Mental Health - Check this website if you're looking for help or are worried about someone.


Violence Prevention


    * The Food Network, Healthy Eating Page
    * Action for Healthy Kids: One of the nation’s leading non-profit and largest volunteer network fighting childhood obesity and undernourishment by partnering with schools to improve nutrition and physical activity to help our kids learn to eat right, be active every day, and be ready to learn.


    * The National Diabetes Education Program – Information designed just for teens with diabetes.
    * The American Diabetes Association – A nonprofit organization focused on treating and preventing diabetes.
    * The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has a Diabetes Website that also contains some very good information and resources.

For Parents of Teenagers

    * KidsHealth from Nemours – Provides understandable information about your child’s health. This page is specifically about teens, but other age groups are also available on the site.
    * - Provides information from the American Academy of Family Physicians
    * The Palo Alto Medical Foundation - A not-for-profit health system in California with a website that is useful to people across the country. This page will take you to a list of other resources you may find useful as a parent.
    * Preteen and Teen Vaccines - Centers for Disease Control (CDC) site dedicated to immunization issues for preteens and teens.  As children get older, protection from some childhood vaccines begins to wear off.  Older children can also develop risks for other diseases.  The site includes information for parents, health professionals and for preteens and teens.