Pregnant and Parenting Teens

If you are a high school student at Proviso East
and you have a child or are expecting one, join the
Teen Pregnant & Parenting Education Program (TPEP)!

What you need to know:

• TPEP is offered during all lunch periods every Friday.

•  There is no need to sign up ahead of time, and all participants usually receive a small gift for participating.

•  Topics range from changes you undergo during pregnancy, to fathers’ role, to what happens in labor and delivery to disciplining your child and safety at home for young children.

•  Sometimes Mrs. A runs the sessions and sometimes other experts from in and around the community present.

All pregnant or parenting teens – male and female- are invited to attend.

Please stop by room 76 during your lunch period to join, or stop by the health center to talk to Mrs. A or get more information.

Here are some links that you may find helpful if you or someone you know
is a teenager and pregnant:

1. The Labor of Love:
2. Teenage and Young Adult Parent Resources:

3. Life in the Fast Lane:
4. Sex, Etc:
5. Illinois Women Infant and Children Program: