More Reasons to Eat Breakfast

posted Mar 25, 2011, 1:50 PM by H. Connor   [ updated Mar 25, 2011, 2:29 PM ]
A recent study offers, once again, evidence that eating breakfast is good for your health.  It might seem like skipping a meal would mean eating less food and so you would gain less weight.  But, study after study shows just the opposite. Researchers in Australia asked kids aged 9 – 15 years old if they usually ate breakfast. Ten years later they asked them again. It turned out that those who had skipped breakfast as kids and were still skipping breakfast had larger waists as young adults.  They also had higher blood sugar (leads to diabetes) and higher bad cholesterol (leads to heart disease) than the people who ate breakfast as kids and were still eating breakfast.*

Some people say they just don’t have time for breakfast. They would rather sleep a little longer and skip breakfast. Sleep is really important for your health too. It is possible to sleep in and eat breakfast too.  It just takes a little planning, and a little creativity. Pack a breakfast-to-go the night before. Breakfast doesn’t have to be limited to cereal or eggs. Try to include a few different food groups though. 
Some easy items to make ahead of time are:

•  Nuts, cereal and raisins

•  Peanut butter and banana sandwich on
    whole wheat bread

•  Yogurt with fruit and a handful of crackers

•  Hard boiled egg and salsa wrap

•  Granola or cereal bar and a milk chug

•  Cheese and crackers with an apple

Others say breakfast just doesn’t sound good.  They skip breakfast because they do not have an appetite in the morning.  Even if you do not feel like eating in the morning your body does need food.  Your brain especially needs for you to eat.  You are probably out of the habit of eating.  For you, a very small breakfast might be the place to start.  If regular breakfast food does not sound good, try whatever you think you can manage even if its leftovers from dinner the night before or cottage cheese wrapped in a tortilla.  Eventually eating breakfast will become a habit and it will feel bad to skip it!

I enjoy eating breakfast in the morning.  I hope you will too.

*Smith, KJ, Gall SL, McNaughton SA, Blizzard L, Dwyer T, Venn AJ. (2010) Skipping breakfast: longitudinal associations with cardiometabolic risk factors in the Childhood Determinants of Adult Health Study. Am J Clin Nutr 92:1316-1325