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International Consortium for Urban Environmental Health & Sustainability
An initiative of the Australian National University, the University of Auckland (NZ), the Institute of Occupational Medicine (UK), Public Health England, and the Duke Global Health Institute.

We have formed an umbrella consortium to coordinate the activities of interested international research groups working in the areas of environmental health and sustainable development. The focus is on assessment and reduction of the health risks and impacts of climate change, weather extremes, air pollution and other forms of environmental contamination in urban areas.

Healthy-Polis facilitates international research collaborations, enhance scientific understanding, identify funding sources and opportunities, enhance opportunities for environmental and public health training and capacity building, and disseminate research outcomes to key stakeholders.


Special issue (2019) "Urban Environmental Health Interventions towards the Sustainable Development Goals" in The Science of the Total Environment  

ICUH2018 (15th International Conference on Urban Health), Kampala, Uganda, 26-30 November 2018.

ICUH2017 (14th International Conference on Urban Health), Coimbra, Portugal, 26-29 September 2017. 

WHO Conference on Health and Climate 2016, Paris, France, 7-8 July 2016.

ICUR2016 (International Conference on Urban Risks), Lisbon, Portugal, 30 June - 2 July 2016.

ISEE 2016 (International Society for Environmental Epidemiology) , Rome, Italy, 1-4 Sep 2016 - Old and New Risks: Challenges for Environmental Epidemiology.

For further information / expression of interest (more info here on EoI) email 
The Healthy-Polis concept

Last updated 12 July 2020