Concept Map

Here is where our project started! Our concept map allowed us, as a group, to branch off of our broad topic of Healthy Living into these for subtopics. The first of the four topics is Staying Fit. Staying fit is the practice of keeping you body active, going on walks, and exercising daily is such as, working out, running, and other activities that increase your heart rate. The second of the four topics is Stress Management. Managing your stress is a very important part to living a Healthy Life. The third of four topics is Hygiene. Hygiene is a very important aspect of Healthy Living because its about the health of your body as well as how to take care of your teeth and preventing the spread of germs. The fourth and final aspect of Healthy Living is Nutrition. Nutrition is the knowing what foods to avoid eating, such as fast food, and what foods you should be eating, apples, as well as how to properly handle your food. These are aspects that we put on our concept map and explained in detail why they are important.