Welcome to Group 1-A of EDTF 200 section 3!! Our group chose the topic of  Healthy Living because Brad Peterson, CJ Bond, and Sierra Shaheen are Health and Physical Education majors while Jordan McGregor is a Elementary Education Major. To encompass all of our majors with this group project, we decided to have our target population of students as Kindergarten through Fifth grade. This allowed all of us to have an equal interest in this project and something to gain from completing it.
What we completed for this class?
We, as a group, completed a concept map for our topic which allowed us to see exactly where our project was heading. Next we then completed our movie on Hygiene and the importance of making sure you keep you body free of germs and other bacteria. Then we we divided up who would complete the Booklet, Newsletter, Poster, and Power Point. We also used the concept map to make sure we touched on the four key aspects of Healthy Living; Hygiene, Stress Management, Nutrition, and Staying Fit. We then also, designed a lesson plan which allowed us to incorporate the booklet, newsletter, poster, and power point into the classroom setting.
Why is this an important topic?
The topic of Healthy Living is an extremely important topic for many reasons. First of all, it addresses ways that you can keep your body safe from harmful bacteria and germs as wells proper ways to clean your body. Secondly, it addresses how to eat properly. Obesity is a major concern in our society today and having the knowledge of what foods are harmful to your body as well as knowing what foods you should be eating is a key step in fighting this growing problem. Thirdly, staying fit, and keeping your body active will allow to continue the fight against obesity. We address techniques of how to exercise and efficient ways to stay active and have a healthy body. Finally, we address one of the most underrated aspects of a healthy life, stress management. Managing your stress is a huge part of your emotional health and your physical health. We go on to talk about the different ways you can manage your stress and steps to achieve a stress free life.