B. Project Demographics

191 gardeners signed up to participate in the project from across 5 zip codes, with 100 being randomly selected for participation which involved free soil testing.  To be considered for participation in the project, gardeners needed to be growing and eating edible crops from their garden, and complete a one page survey, after reading a short consent form.  The survey and consent forms were available in English, Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese and Tagalog.  The 100 selected gardeners had to additionally sign a consent from before the soil testing was conducted.  All garden types were acceptable, with interested gardeners stating they had one of the following garden types: home, community, school, rooftop and vacant lot (guerrilla) gardens.

Most of the 100 selected gardeners self-reported as being European or White (53), with 9 Asians, 4 Hispanics/Native American, and 3 African Americans.  14 of the gardeners reported being of 2 or more races, including 5 who identified as Asian, 4 who identified as Hispanic/Native American, and 4 who identified as African American.  Most of the gardens that were tested were backyard gardens (72), with 4 school gardens, 13 individual community garden plots, and 11 communally gardened plots within a community garden also tested.  Median income for the 62 gardeners that reported income was $75,000. 

Average Income by Zip Code


Median Income for Gardeners

2000 Census Median Income
















The discrepancy between the median income reported by the participating gardeners and the Census data may be due to a few factors, including changes in income since the 2000 Census, study limitations (small sample size and recruitment challenges such as language), and the possibility that gardening may be more common in higher income families.

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