Healthy Food Global Import and Export Service

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Healthy Food Global Export SAS serves as producer, distributor, and exporter of exotic fruits, herbs, vegetables, and other related food
products to the Global Marketplace.  

Our organization has a strategic alliance with the National Council of Producers of Aromatic, Medicinal, and Condiment Herbs which consists of approximately 300 hectares cultivated with the best agricultural practices. We routinely test our products and verify them with a Certificate of Analysis. 

We have strategic partnerships and alliances throughout the world to offer you the best possible import/export logistics for your needs. 

Our growers/producers are certified through ICA (Instituto Colombiano de Agricultura).  ICA certifies the quality of the land, farming 
methods, and processes used by our growers.  

Our staff and partners are dedicated to the successful delivery of the highest quality with our customers in mind. 

Here is a short list of products we export:


Sugar custard apple







Bay Leaf

Roots, Vegetables, and other related products



Moringa Leaf /Drumstick

As Colombia forges ahead in the global marketplace we also offer our import services for products into Colombia as well as other locations.

We are very excited about the trade developments for Colombia in the global marketplace and look forward to partnering with you and serving 

your import/export needs.

Our Experience Shows!

Our staff has over 25 years of experience in the agricultural arena,  and has combined international experience in markets around the globe.  

We support our growers, distributors, logistics partners, and most importantly our customers to ensure the best product quality and service.  

Contact us: 

Our staff members are ready to assist you.

For inquiries call our United States office at:  +01-203-400-5913. 

For inquiries call our Colombian office at: +011 57 310-484-5875 

We can also be reached via e-mail contactus@healthyfoodglobalexport.com or if you would like you can drop us a line under our contact us page.