Bee Pollen

What is Bee Pollen and its Usefulness?

Bee pollen is a natural energizer and a strong regulator of body functions, as part of the many benefits it offers to health. For thousands of years, the pollen have been used by people as one of the most beneficial foods in nature as it contains carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, minerals and substances that are highly beneficial to the body. In recent decades, scientists have been paying more attention to bee pollen and its properties by analyzing the benefits offered by its components.

Bee pollen is beneficial to your body because it contains many vital trace elements that the body is unable to produce; the body needs these nutrients to stay healthy. Among the trace elements needed are iron, copper, magnesium, zinc, calcium, manganese, and potassium - all these minerals have verified health benefits.

What is bee pollen?

When bees collect pollen from flowers, they push it into pockets behind their legs, after that they mix it with digestive enzymes before feeding it to the hive. This is why it is an excellent natural food, considered being an ideal supplement for human consumption.

Bee Pollen Benefits:

  • It is a natural energizer because of its carbohydrate content; bee pollen is an excellent nutritional supplement for athletes and people who want to improve their stamina.

  • Bee pollen increases hemoglobin in the blood, making it an essential supplement for the treatment of anemia.

  • Vitamin B contained in bee pollen eases depression, nervousness, irritability and stress by providing a sense of well being.

  • Vitamin A from the pollen improves eyesight.

  • Bee pollen regulates intestinal problems such as constipation and diarrhea.

  • It can help to alleviate problems of sexual impotence and erectile dysfunction.

  • Bee pollen helps to prevent and improve prostate problems.

  • It helps to improve skin condition, its anti-aging benefits are excellent, both ingested and used in creams and cosmetics.

  • It is also indicated to increase the speed of recovery after illness or surgery.

  • For those who want to gain weight, bee pollen is a highly effective natural supplement.

The immune system greatly improves thanks to bee pollen health benefits. This natural food contains mono and polyunsaturated fats, proteins, beta-carotene, and vitamins B, C, D, and E, selenium, magnesium, calcium, nucleic acids, cysteine, and lecithin, all of which are needed to support the proper working of the immune system.

Bee pollen also benefits the body as an alkaline food. Today many people have diets that are too high in acid, due to poor eating habits and stress. Bee pollen is a natural food that provides additional excellent nutrition for the body; it also helps to balance the pH of your body to a more natural state.

The benefits of bee pollen granules are not recommended for people who are hypersensitive to bee stings, as they could also be sensitive to bee pollen.