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Disclaimer: Xocai Healthy Chocolate products are part of a comprehensive approach to a healthy lifestyle. 

The stories shared below are personal experiences and are not claims to treat, cure or prevent any medical conditions.

Why Antioxidants??????
Listen to this Fascinating 30 min Interview..
Diabetes - Heart Issues...Working with the Amish with 
Mr. Leon Miller, Cellular Nutritionist
Explains the Benefits
Click Below to Listen online

World Wide Famous Nutritionist David Wolfe's (Nutribullet)
SPEECH at TEDx  Conference
 about his Passion for Raw Cacao (Healthy Chocolate)

Stories/Medical Experts Interview are listed in Alphabetical Order by Topic
25-30 minute Average Recordings

ADD, ADHD & SPD Disorders (Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity - Sensory Perception)
Moms "LaShundra & Chasity" share their stories.  Gay Wydick, explains the effects of Sugar on our Health.

Allergy  / Asthma  Stories
Under Construction - Coming Soon

Anti-Aging with Antioxidants with Dr. Pedersen, PhD (Anti-Aging Expert, Toxicologist)

Dr. Pedersen explains Antioxidants - Anti-Aging

Athletics, Recovery, Energy & Weight Loss (Jennifer L.-Lean Muscle,  John McD, Dan Martin-Iron Man & Dr. Phillips)

Click Here to Listen

Aspberger's Syndrom in Children
Watch Lily's Story on YouTube ( 6 min)
Part 1 of 2

Lily's Story

Cancer Exposure & Your Skin (Under a Microscope) (Dr. Pederson shares how Sun Exposure affects your cells-Blood Matters)

What Cells - Skin Look like under the Scope

Clinical Depression & Stress Stories (Kathy B., Nola & Lynda M., with Dr. Spadiforia)

Click Here to Listen

Dementia Stories

Under Construction - Coming Soon

Dental Stories & Periodontal Issues (Lyn M., Aida R., Sherm Smith, Rory B., Rose with Dr. Sheila)

Click Here to Listen

Watch Peridontal Dental Expert explain Studies on Dark Chocolate & Gum Disease

Dark Chocolate - Gum Health

Diabetes Stories - (LaRue J., Lissa W., Butch Swaby, Dave Krantz and Dr. Phillips)

Click Here to Listen

Dave Krantz's Incredible Diabetes Story (in depth with Doctor Janet)

Click Here to Listen

Digestive Issues - Acid Reflux, Irritable Bowel (Michele S., LaRue, Gaye Wydick RN)
Watch this Doctor explain the benefits of Healthy Chocolate with Crohn's Disease

Energy Drinks - Why Xe-Energy is Good compared to ALL the Bad out there!
Watch Jeremy explain (4 minutes)

Experts/Doctor’s Interviews on Xocai Healthy Chocolate

Dr. Gruning, MD, DO, FACOEP (Former ER doctor) 

Dr. Griffith, MD (Pioneer in Fibromyalgia Medicine, Chief of Staff, Adviser to CNN, Physical Medicine & Pain Management) 

Dr. Griffith's Story/Interview on Fibromyalgia

Click HERE to Listen to Dr. Griffith Interview

Dr. Griffith Shares Overall Benefits of Healthy Chocolate 

Click Here to Listen

Dr. Phillips, DC - (Certified Chiropractic, Sports Physician & Biocranial Practitioner) 

Overall on Chocolate with focus towards Diabetes 

Click Here to Listen 

Eye Improvement Stories (Joe D., Michelle M., Little David & Cindy E. with Dr. Joe Spadafora, Ophthalmologist)

Fibromyalgia Stories (Vicki McAlvey & Carolyn Swaby with David Maile, Massage Therapist)


Watch Laz's Gout Story on YouTube (2 min)

YouTube Video

Hair - What's in Your Shampoo??? (Dr. Pedersen shares How to Expose if there are Poison Toxins in your Shampoo)

Is your Shampoo Toxic - How to Find out

HEART/High Blood Pressure Stories - These are Amazing! (Danny, Rob S., Bill K., Mike M., Hal K., Dave M)

Kidney Issues
Watch Preston Bliss on YouTube (48 seconds)

Preston - Kidney Disease

Liver Issues  - See Article at Bottom of Page

Lupus & Other Auto Immune Diseases  (Dana Alsop's Lupus' Story with Dr. Griffith)

Migraine Sufferers share their Success stories!  (Mary Evelyn, Janet W. & Dr. Janet share )

Click Here to Listen

Bonus Interview - 6 minutes with Donna D. (massage therapist/migraine success story)

Click Here to Listen

Pain/Inflammation Stories (Arthritis, Joint Pain, Knee Surgery) with Butch, Maxine, Dr. Janet, Dave, Pat & Dr. Phillips

 Parkinson's Education with Leon Miller - Click Here to Listen

Watch Norma Miller on YouTube (2+ min)

Watch Norma Miller - 2 Minutes

Skin Issue Recoveries (EczemaPsoriasis) with Gail N., Gail G., Dan P. & Leon Miller

Sleep Problems - (Nightmares, Hot Flashes, Pain) - Sleep Apnea (See Mike's story under weight loss)

Womens' Issues

Under Construction - Coming Soon Ruby and Michele's Stories (Cysts/Breast Cancer)

Weight Loss Stories:

Michelle McDuffie's (Curves Owner/Nutritional-Health Expert) personal Story

Dr. Janet Shefts' (former Olympian) personal Story

Mike Mullinex - Biggest Loser on 12 week Study tells his story (High Blood Pressure, Sleep Apnea)

12 Week Pilot Study with Healthy Chocolate

50 Participants/12 weeks/Over 1550 lbs dropped!

YouTube Video

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