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Intro to Health

1.  To begin go to the website by typing in the address below.  Notice there is no www.  at the beginning of the address.



A.  In the space below, describe what is listed in the lower left hand side of the page (before scrolling down). 

B.  What is already listed in the announcements section? 

C.  Next, scroll down towards the bottom of the website and describe what else is located on this page.

D.  Find the following listing on the page and click on the link.  (Hint: It’s located near the middle of the page.)


Health Education Webquests

To access any of the course webquests, click on the link below. 


Now, you are ready to begin our first webquest.  You are to complete each of the tasks below.  Be sure to read the directions for each task carefully and then click on the link provided (you do not have to type in any addresses to access websites, use the link provided!!!!!).  If you have questions raise your hand and wait patiently until I arrive at your location.



2.  First, you are going to take a survey that will indicate what type of learner that you are.  This basically identifies your best learning style into one of the five categories below.  So, click on the link below and answer the questionnaire the best you can and write your scores in the spaces provided below.

                                                                                                            Your Scores

Visual Learner (learn best by seeing)                                                 ___________
Aural Learner (learn best by hearing)                                                ___________
Reading/writing Learner (learn best by reading/writing)                   ___________
Kinesthetic Learner (learn best by doing)                                          ___________
Multimodal Learner (combination, write 0 if score isn’t provided)   ___________


Before moving forward, feel free to click on the helpsheet that the website provides for study strategies that go along with your learning style.







3.  What is your current state of health?  You are going to take a required health assessment in which you are going to rate yourself in each of the 6 components that makes up one's overall health - physical health, mental health, emotional health, social health, environmental health, and spiritual health.  You are going to rate your health status in each of the components of health by determining how accurately each statement describes you.  You are simply to read each statement and give yourself a 1, 2, 3, or 4.  You are to give yourself a 1 if you feel that the statement rarely, if ever applies to you.  Give yourself a 2 if you feel that the statement sometimes applies to you.  Give yourself a 3 if you feel the statement applies to you most of the time.  Give yourself a 4 if you feel the statement always applies to you.  To access the assessment, click on the link below.



            Physical              Social             Emotional             Environmental              Mental            Spiritual    






























































Totals    _____                  _____                  _____                       _____                      _____               _____




Before moving forward, click on the link below and complete the current course poll.

Update!!!!!! Skip ahead to task #4, as you are not to do the poll today!  Just make sure that you did take the health assessment and recorded your scores before moving on.




4.  We all should strive to live a long healthy life.  Unfortunately, every year more and more young lives are taken (during the teenage years) as a result of motor vehicle accidents.  This represents the number one leading cause of death among your age group.  Click on the link below and read all of the information.  Once finished, respond to the question below the link.

What are the top three causes of death for your age group, from 15-24 years of age?

  1. Auto Accidents
  2. ____________ 
  3. ____________ 


5.  Alcohol is a huge problem that is linked to many of the fatal teen auto accidents.  However, another increasing problem that is linked to these auto accidents is driving and cell phone use.    So, go to the following website to access the driving simulator that will show how easy an accident can occur while performing an act such as "driving & texting".  On the left-side of the screen, left-click on the up or down arrows to choose the speeds of 25mph, 30mph, and 35mph.  Then, click “run the simulator” to be able to fill in the information below.  Once you begin, you are to left-click on the brake right below where it says “mph.”  You are simply to write down the result of the simulator by stating “not hit” if you didn’t hit the pedestrian or “hit” if you hit the pedestrian.  To change the conditions, left-click on the boxes beside “mobile phone” and “wet weather” when required. 


Conditions                   25 mph                    30 mph                        35 mph



mobile phone use


wet weather

mobile phone use



6.  Now, we are moving away from the teenage population and looking at the U.S. population as a whole (among all age groups).  Visit the website below and respond to the question that follows. 


What does the CDC state that the average life expectancy is for a U.S. citizen?





7.  Update: This info is no longer available at the website listed below.  So, simply draw a line through task #7 in your workbook and move on to the next task.

Go to the website below and read the information.  Then, complete the statement below the link.

The study from the researchers at the Harvard School of Health indicates that the "national average' life expectancy for males are __________.  For females, the "national average" life expectancy is __________.  



8.  Update: you may be reuired to enter a e-mail address to get your life expectancy.  If so, enter the following e-mail ( while changing the four numbers ) and the password 123456.  Go to the website below and take the life expectancy calculator.  Then answer the questions below. 

What is your calculated life expectancy from this calculator?  ________

Click on retrieve feedback and list three things that you can do to increase your life expectancy.






9.  Go to the website below and take the health age questionnaire.  Try to choose the most correct answer.  There are some questions that you won’t be able to answer, so just skip them.  It will still provide you with results.  When you are finished, type in your actual age at the bottom and left-click on calculate.  Record your results in the space provided below.

Typical Life Expectancy= _____      Your Life Expectancy= _____       Your Health Age=_____    



Now you are ready to move on to the lifestyle disease webquest.  Turn to the first page of the lifestyle disease webquest and then click on the link below to begin.

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