Health Scam Side Effects I'm not craving

Health Scam Side Effects I'm not craving them because there are times before like 11 o'clock at night John and I are like ooh let's have peanut butter jelly sandwich or like something like that well I'm not having the cravings I can tell my body is missing something and I just want to fix it it doesn't make me want to eat like bread or something sweet but I can tell I'm missing something so I'm about some bone broth I heard so that is my check-in for now wish me luck on not having flu symptoms tomorrow morning and I will check back in with you guys very soon how are you feeling weak day three we do you feel like you're creaming carbs or sugar no my brain feels like like you need something I need something yeah I feel stupid to create a whole new Apple watch my lifestyle I tried this app called breathe you know it reminds you to breathe