Purpose / Scope

The purpose of this document is to clearly define the process used to develop HSE objectives and targets and HSE management plans. It is important to focus our effort on what needs to be done to protect people and the environment. We must also recognize that we cannot do everything at once and therefore efforts must be prioritized.



 2.0 Definitions


2.1 HSE Objective 

An HSE goal arising from a policy or standard that the organization sets it self to achieve and which is quantified .


2.2 HSE Target

A detailed performance requirement, quantified, applicable to the organization or parts thereof, that arises from the HSE objectives and that needs to be set in order to achieve those objectives.


2.3 Risk factor


 A measure of the risk to humans or the environment based on the average of the values assigned to the “significance” and “probability” of occurrence from the HSE risk ranking analysis process.



3.0 General requirements

 It is essential for ISG to develop objectives and targets, which align with and support the Association Objectives and Targets.  In selecting the appropriate objectives and targets, ISG operation must, at a minimum, consider the following:

1.       The facilities HSE risks including past performance


2.       Technological options

3.       Financial, operational and business requirements

4.       Legal and other requirements

5.       Views of interested parties

6.       Audit results

7.       Association Objectives and Targets


Objectives and targets should be realistic, measurable and achievable.  The number of objectives and targets will vary depending on the above listed criteria.  Having too many objectives and targets can result in a loss of focus and therefore it is recommended that each facility focus on no more than 2-4 annually.  This does not mean that we will not improve in areas outside of our defined objectives and targets; in fact, improvements in one area often result in improvements in other areas.  It also does not suggest that because we do not have HSE objectives and targets for all HSE risks that we will not take steps to manage and minimize the HSE impacts of all of our activities.