Sample Hot Topics

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Below is a Sampling of the HOT Topics Added Recently to the Health Reform Navigator.  In the actual Navigator you will be able to just Point and Click your mouse to get to the information.
In addition, there are several topics (including some HOT TOPICS) where an "HRN SHORT" has been written that provides an Executive 1 page short description of the topic including: Who, What, When, How, and Effective related to the issue. 
Both HOT TOPICS and HRN SHORTS will be updated periodically as issues arise.

Hot Topics                               HRN Shorts

 Grandfather Clause  OTC & Debit Cards  Consumer Protections
 Early Retirees  Small Business Tax Credit  Lifetime Limits  CLASS Act
 Children to Age 26  Appeals Process  HSA Withdrawals  Preventive Care
 Preventive Care  HSA Withdrawals  Rate Oversight  1099 Reporting
 FSA limitations  OTC Debit Cards  Medical Loss Ratio (MLR)  W-2 Reporting
 ACOs  HIEs  Sm. Business Tax Credit