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The Health Reform Navigator continuously monitors new regulations, legal opinions, consulting publications, court challenges, explanatory videos, and other relevent information related to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. 
We will send you periodic emails of important information as we add it to this site.  We will not both you with information on every change that occurs.  You can always find a list of changes on this page linked from the Navigator Home Page.  (HINT: Check the Update Page every time you go to the Home Page before you Log In.)
Version 4.13 3/15/2012
1. Economist Amicus Brief to SCOTUS (see Dashboard Constitutionality)
Version 4.12 2/15/2012
1. State Flexibilities for Essential Benefits (Groom law, see Insurance Navigator 2014)
2. Milliman Report on Bundled Payments (see ACO Navigator)
3. W-2 Report Requirements Update (see Milliman and Insurance Navigator)
4. Health Affairs ACO Brief (see ACO Navigator)
Version 4.11 2/1/2012
1. Essential Benefit Options - Groom Law (See Insurance 2014 & Hot Topics)
2. Health Excahnges Explained - White paper (see Health Insurance Navigator)
3. End of Retiree Program (see Insurance Navigator, 2010)
4. Pennsylvania Exchange Progress Report (Exchange Navigator)
5. 2011 Key Implementation Actions (see Dashboard)
6. 2012 What to watch for (see Dashboard)
Version 4.10 1/10/2012
1 Supreme Court to Hear Health Reform Care March 26-28, 2012 (see Dashboard, Constitutional Challenge)
2 HHS release names of 32 Pioneer ACOs (see ACO Navigator, Government Reulations)
3 2011 Employer Survey on Implementing ACA (see Dashboard - Employer Surveys)
4 29 States Moving to Implement Exchanges (see Exchange Navigator)
5 Supreme Court Briefs Submitted - Overview 1-10-12 (see Dashboard, Constitutional Challenge)
Version 4.9 12/22/2011
1. Final ACO Anti-Trust Regulations (see ACO Navigator)
2. Inter-Mountain Health on ACOs (see ACO Navigator)
3. Early Retiree Funds to Exhaust by 9/2012 (see Insurance Navigator 2010)
4. Interim Final Rule of ACO Fraud & Abuse (see ACO Navigator)
5. Onterim Final Rule & New Risk Adjustment (see ACO Navigator, Hospital Concerns)
Version 4.8 11/18/2011
1. Added link to IRS Proposed Regulations of Tax Credits to Federal Exchanges (see Exchange Navigator)
2. Added link to Pdf arguments on issues with IRS Proposed Regs on Tax Credits to Federal Exchanges (see Exchange Navigator) 
3. HHS FAQ about MH Parity and PPACA (see Insurance Navigator 2014-18, Essential Benefits)
4. Supreme Court Schedules 5.5 hours on Constitutionality (see Dashboard, Constitutional Challenge)
5. Supreme Court Schedule on Severability Issue (see Dashboard, Constitutional Challenge)
6. Supreme Court Schedule on Individual Mandate (see Dashboard, Constitutional Challenge)
7. Supreme Court Schedule on Anti-Injunction (see Dashboard, Constitutional Challenge)
Version 4.7 10/21/2011
1. Added Death of CLASS Act (see Hot Topics, Ins 2011-2013-July 1, 2012) Story & Video
2. Update on Arkansas Exchange development (see Health Exchange Navigatgor)
3. Obama Administration Request to limit scope of Supreme Court Review of PPACA (see Dashboard - Constitutional Challenge to PPACA)
4. Update on Maryland Exchange impact on Uninsureds (see Gealth Exchange Navigator)
5. AHIP Comments on ACO Regs/Rules (see ACO Navigator)
6. Link to Mississippi Health Exchange documents (see Health Exchange Navigator, State Health Exchanges)
7. Link to Mississipi Exchange History of develoment (see Health Exchange Navigator, State Health Exchanges)
8. Report on Self-Insurance & PPACA (see Dashboard - HOT Topics)
9. Final ACO Regulations (see ACO Navigator, Government Regulations)
10. CMS ACO Waiver Information (see ACO Navigator, Government Regulations)
11. FTC ACO Anti-Trust Information (see ACO Navigator, Government Regulations)
Version 4.6 10/7/2011
1. Essential Benefits Recommendation from Institute of Medicine (see Dashboard HOT Topics)
2. Essential Benefits - IOM Press Release, Brief, Report (see Insurance Navigator, 2014-2018)
3. Milliman Bulleting Updates -Preventive Care, Appeals, Uniform Discluses, and PPACA Repeals (see Insurance and Tax Navigators)
Version 4.5 9/22/2011
1. Added link to GAO Report on Early Experiences Implementing MLR Requirements (Ins. Navigator 1/1/11)
2. Added Deloiite Survey Attitudes on PPACA 9/2011 (see Dashboard, Industry Surveys)
3. Added link to decision of 4th Circuit Court in Individual mandate (see Dashboard, Constitutional Challenge to PPACA)
4. Added link to 2011 Kaiser Health Benefit Survey - Includes Plan Changes in response to PPACA. (see Dashboard, Industry Surveys)
5. Petition For a Writ of Certiorari - Supreme Court Request (see Dashboard, Constitutional Challenge to PPACA)
Version 4.4 8/31/2011
1. Video of Vermont Health Reform (see HHS Videos from Dashboard)
2. Added link to Vermont Act 128 Final Report (see Exchange Navigator by State)
3. Added Medical Home white paper by Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (see ACO Navigator, providers)
4. Added link to State by State CON laws (see ACO Navigator, legal)
5. Added link to Kaiser Foundation Time Line Updates (see Dashboard PPACA Legislation)
6. Added Connecticut HIE/HIX Act and website (see Exchange Navigator)
7. Addded GAO Report on failure of HHS high risk pools (See High Risk Pool Navigatgor) 
8. Milliman Actuarial comments on Age & Sex Pricing Restriction in PPACA (see Dashboard Premium & Coverage Restrictions)
Version 4.3 8/16/2011
1. HHS Exchange Eligibility Rule Proposal (in Health Exchange Navigator)
2. Added Georgia HIE Website link (see Health Exchange Navigator, state websites)
3. Added artivle on Vermont Single Payer system (see Health Exchange Navigator, state websites)
4. Added information on 10 ACO pilots (see ACO Navigator)
Version 4.2  8/2/2011
1. Added 6th Circuit Court Appeal to US Supreme Court (Dashboard Constitutionality)
2. Kaiser Health Tracking Poll (Added to Dashboard Industry Surveys)
3. Lockton Employer Health Reform Survey May 2011 (Added to Dashboard Industry Surveys) 
4. Women's Healthcare Preventive Care 100% Coverage Mandates (added to Dashboard Hot Topics)
5. Women's Healthcare Preventive Care (Added to Preventive Care Navigator; Press Release, link to, and link to HRSA Female Guidelines)
6. White Paper-The Future of Non-profit Hospitals (See Tax Navigator 3/23/2010 McGuireWoods)
7. Actuarial Value Defined - American Academy of Actuaries Brief (See Insurance Navigator 1/1/2014; Essential Benefits)
Version 4.1  7/25/2011
1. Added link to Deloitte Pdf on Comparative Effectiveness (see Tax Navigator 1/1/2013) 
2. Added IRS Notice for Non-Profit Hospitals need to do Community Assessments (see Tax Navigator 3/23/2010)
3. Milliman CO-OP Opportunities & Challenges (See Health Exchange Navigator)
4. Added HRN Blog & Feedback link to the bottom of the Dashboard
5. Added link to HHS CO-OP Proposed Rules (7/18/2011)
6. Added NFIB Small Group Survey to Dashboard
7. CMS DRAFT Pioneer ACO Financial Specifications
Version 4.0   7/18/2011
1. Added Government Navigator to Specialty Navigators. Expanded links and quick links
2. Added significantly to Health Exchange Navigator to include all sections of PPACA related to HIEs
3. Added downloadable attachment on federal HIE Guidelines 
4. Added web page "anchors" throughout the Navigator website (especially the Insurance Navigator and the Tax Navigator) to that links take the vuewer directly to the linked section of PPACA (not just a link to the page).
5. Added HRN Short for PCIPs
Version 3.7 Changes Effective 6/29/2011
  1. Dashboard: HOT Topics -  Broker Commissions & MLR

  2.  Dashboard: Constitutionality - McGuireWoods Constitutionality – 11th Circuit

  3.  Dashboard: Surveys - Deloitte Survey of Healthcare consumers

  4.  Insurance Navigator: CMS Rate Increase Newsletter

  5.  Insurance Navigator: CMS Fact Sheet on Rate Increase

  6.  Insurance Navigator: News Release on Final Rate Reviews

  7.  Insurance Navigator: Extension of Interim Guidance on BCBS MLR Sec. 9016

  8.  Insurance Navigator: HHS Ends of Mini=Med waivers

  9.  Health Exchange Navigator: HHS Payment to Brokers

  10. Health Exchange Navigator: State Lawmakers Guide to HIEs (attachment)

  11. ACO Navigator: CMS ACO Models

  12. ACO Navigator: CMMI Pioneer Model APP & Info

  13. ACO Navigator: CMS Pioneer ACO Primer

  14. ACO Navigator: McGuireWoods ACO Guidance Needed

Version 3.6 Changes Effective 6/22/2011
  1. Dashboard – New section on Health Exchanges 
  2. Dashboard – New section on ACOs
  3. Dashboard -  KFF Health Reform Quiz
  4. Dashboard – KFF Health Reform Sources
  5. Insurance Navigator – McGuireWoods Schedule H
  6. Insurance Navigator 10/1/2012 – Value Based Guide
  7. Insurance Navigator 1/1/2014 – Health Affairs – Rate increases
  8. Insurance Navigator 7/1/2012 – Health Affairs CLASS ACT
  9. Insurance Navigator 1/1/2011 – Health Affairs – Transparency
  10. Insurance Navigator 3/23/2012 – Quality reporting – Health Affairs
  11. Insurance Navigator  – 9/23/2011 – Benchmarking (Change Milliman to Milliman IFR)
  12. Insurance Navigator 1/1/2014 Essential Benefits Defined – Milliman
  13. Taxes & Penalties Navigator – 1/1/2011 Notice 2011-28
  14. Taxes & Penalties Navigator – W-2 Repealed by 2011 Budget Deal
  15. ACO Navigator  – McGuireWoods – 2 Track Model
  16. ACO Navigator Medicare –  Milliman ACO Risks
  17. ACO Navigator  – CMS ACO Website
  18. ACO Navigator - AHA Recommendations 
  19. ACO Navigator - ACO Cost Study – AHA, McManis White Paper
  20. ACO Navigator - ACO Volume to Value – AHA White Paper
  21. ACO Navigator - ACO – survey of interest
  22. Videos - New HHS Videos