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    WHY?  Because It's Hard to Find Accurate
Information on Health Reform When You Need It.
The HEALTH REFORM NAVIGATOR will pay for itself in a single use. 
"I would have paid $1,000 for the Navigator" - Atlanta Benefit Consultant
"We charge $10,000 per year for much the same information" - Buckhead Lawyer
"I got my client the right answer in minutes" - Alpharetta Broker
"My CEO wanted to know about health reform.  With the Navigator I was able to give him the information he needed" - Roswell HR VP
The "Health Reform Navigator" is your Health Reform Information Center.  It provides an aggregation and easy point & click navigation to information regarding key segments of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act  (PPACA).  
The Information is timely, accurate, and easy to find. 
From one central Dashboard you can navigate through seven (7) separate Navigators, Videos, and much more:
Main Navigators:                 Insurance Navigator,
                                            Tax & Penalty Navigator, 
Plus Specialty Navigators:  Preventive Care
                                            Accountable Care Organizations
                                            Health Insurance Exchanges
                                            High Risk Pool Navigator
                                            Government Navigator
There are direct links to PPACA, Government Regulations, Expert Legal Firms, and National Consultants.    

After Paying for the Navigator using the Google "Buy Now" Button, Enter the Access Code Password provided during purchase in the space above..