Frequently Asked Questions

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1. Q: Why Do I Need the Navigator?
    A:  If your job invloves knowing health reform issues - you need the Navigator.   Just one use could save you hours of research.  Why pay an outside resource to answer questions you can get to eadsily with the Navigator?
The volume of information explaining PPACA can be overwhelming.  Only the Health Reform Navigator screens out the "noise" and provides you with targeted information from highly respected sources. In addition the Navigator has direct links health reform information on otherwise confusing government websites. 
2. Q: Why only have the Insurance and Taxes & Penalty Navigagtors along with the Specialty Navigators?
    A:  We carved out of the 2700 page Act those sections of the law most relevence to the Private Insurance market.  We have not included Medicare, Medicaid, Public Health or Indian Health in the Navigator capabilities. We have included (an will add in the future) Specialty Navigators where the volume of information is large and a Navigator will help our members to find related answers quickly. 
3. Q: Who uses the Navigator?
    A: The Navigator users are mainly independent insuance bokers, insurance agents, healthcare consultants, healthcare benefit managers, third party administrators (TPAs),  healthcare lawyers, healthcare think tanks, policy researchers, academic researchers, insurance executives, and hospital administrators.  Anyone whose job or client relationships depend on knowing PPACA and getting them quick and accurate answers.
4. Q: How Much Does It Cost?
    A: The Navigator costs $99 for a years subscription.  We do not have monthly, quarterly, or other options for payment.
5. Q: Is there a Monthly FEE?
    A:  NO.  Once you pay the $99 fee you will have unlimited use of the Navigator and all of the information contained on this website.
6. Q: What Do I Get With the Purchase?  (Click Links for Sample Pages)
    A:  You get access to the Insurance NavigatorTaxes & Penalties Navigator, Preventive Care Navigator (FREE Downloadable Word Document), ACO Navigator, and the Health Exchange Navigator.  Each Navigator is accessed through the Dashboard.  The Dashboard has other links related to health reform.  Each Navigator has its own internal and expernal links to health reform information.
7. Q: Can I use the Navigator and all its functions immediately upon purchase?
    A:  Yes, as soon as you complete the purchase the Google instructions will give you the Access Code Password.  You can then go to the Home Page, Log In with the Access Code Password and you will be immediately directed to the website controlling Navigator Dashboard.
8. Q: How will I know when new information or changes are made?
    A: We will send you an email when major improvements to the site are made.  You can also check the New Updates tab on the Home Page whenever you return to the site. 
9. Q: Why Do I have to remember my Access Code Password?
    A: The Access Code Password is the key to entering the Navigator from the Home Page.  We made it easy and simple for you to Sign In.  You enter only the Access Code Password, you will NOT have to enter an email address.  The trade off for simplicity is that you CANNOT change the Access Code that Google assigns to you.  It should be simple enough for you to remember, but if you have any problems the Home Page has a support email for you to request a reminder of your Access Code Password.  
10. Q: Will you share my purchasing information with anyone?
      A: Absolutely NOT!  You are a valued client and we promise not to share any of your information with an outside source.  Remember, only Google has your credit card information.  Google has its full security process in place to protect you and your credit card informatin. We do not get and do not want to have that data.