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Health & Human Services  Office of Federal Registry  PPACA HR 3590  Reconciliation HR4872
Dept. of Labor  White House Website  PPACA Word Consolidated (See Attachment Below)

 PPACA Pdf Consolidated   (See Attachemnt Below)

DOL - EBSA  CMS ACO Website  
IRS Tax Provisions   Healthcare gov    
IRS News, Guides, Videos    KFF PPACA Updates Website   
Premium & Coverage Sections of PPACA (Direct Links to PPACA)
 Essential Benefits  Sec 1302    Wellness Programs  Sec 1201 /2705    Catastrophic Plan < Age 30  Sec 1302
 Pre-X Conditions  Sec 1201 / 2704    Health Status Rewatds  Sec 1201 /2705    OOP LImits  Sec 1302
 Fair Premiums  Sec 1201 / 2701    Waiting Periods  Sec 1201 /2708    Deductible Limits  Sec 1302
 Levels of Coverage  Sec 1302    Child Only Plans  Sec 1302      
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