Hospital Administration Jobs

We currently have the following Jobs available for Hospital Administration Professionals:

 Job ID   
 Designation Location Link
JH1943 Executive Assistant to Medical Superintendent Near Bangalore View JH1943 Details 
 JH1944Manager - Operations - MBBS / MHA Chennai View JH1944 Details 
JH1939 COO - Medical College Hospital Pondicherry View JH1939 Details 
 JH1940Head - Hospital Marketing Pondicherry View JH1940 Details 
JH1942 CEO (MBA / MHA) - Medical College Hospital Pondicherry View JH1942 Details 
JH1941 Chief Executive Officer (CEO) - Multi Speciality Hospital  Eastern India View JH1941 Details
JH1937 HOD (HR) - Hospital Administration Chennai View JH1937 Details 
 JH1936Head Hospital (Marketing)  Chennai View JH1936 Details
 JH1935Chief Executive Officer (Medico) - MBBS + MHA ChennaiView JH1935 Details 
 JH1932ACEO / Medical Director (MBBS + MHA)  PondicherryView JH1932A Details 
 JH1931Chief Executive Officer (Non Medico) Chennai View JH1931 Details 
 JH1930GM / Head (Operations) - Multispeciality Hospital Chennai View JH1930 Details 
JH1929 Medical Superintendent (MBBS )Hyderabad  View JH1929 Details 
JH1928 Medical Superintendent (MBBS + MHA)Hyderabad View JH1928 Details 
JH1925 Medical Superintendent / Medical Director - Multispeciality Hospital - Chennai Chennai View JH1925 Details 
JH1924 Chief Executive Officer (CEO) - Multispeciality Hospital   Chennai View JH1924 Details