General Surgery Jobs

We currently have the following Jobs available in General Surgery:
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 Job ID   
 Designation  Location  Link
JR3439 Sr Resident - General Surgery   Near Bangalore OutskirtsView JR3439 Details 
JR3438 Assistant Professor - General Surgery    Near Bangalore OutskirtsView JR3438 Details 
 JR3437Associate Professor - General Surgery  Near Bangalore OutskirtsView JR3437 Details  
 JR2230Resident  / Sr Resident - General Surgery (MS / DNB) Chennai View JR2230 Details 
JR2227 General Surgery with Gastrosurgery  focusNear Coimbatore View JR2227 Details
JR3424 Assistant Professor - General SurgeryBangalore View JR3424 Details 
JR3418 Professor - General Surgery (MS / DNB)   Pondicherry   View JR3418 Details 
JR3417 Associate Professor - General Surgery
(MS / DNB) 
 Pondicherry  View JR3417 Details 
 JR3410Assistant Professor - General Surgery 
(MS / DNB)
 Pondicherry View JR3410 Details 
JR3409 Sr Resident - General Surgery (MS / DNB)Pondicherry  View JR3409 Details
JR3407 Professor - General Surgery (MS / DNB) Pondicherry View JR3407 Details 
 JR3405Professor & HOD - General Surgery
(MS / DNB) 
Bangalore View JR3405 Details 
JR3401 Assistant Professor - General Surgery Near Bangalore View JR3401 Details 
JR3395A Professor - General Surgery (MS / DNB)  Near Bangalore OutskirtsView JR3395A Details 
 JR2174Registrar - General Surgery (MS / DNB) - Neurosurgery Department Chennai  View JR2174 Details