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 Job ID  
 Designation Location Link
JR2288 Associate / Consultant Chennai View JR2288 Details 
 JR2287Intensivist (Diploma Anaesthesia) A Major city of Rajasthan View JR2287 Details 
JR3481 Senior Resident - Anaesthesia  Pondicherry View JR3481 Details  
JR3480 Assistant Professor - Anaesthesia  Pondicherry View JR3480 Details 
 JR3474Assistant Professor - Anaesthesia Near Bangalore View JR3474 Details 
JR3475 Senior Resident - Anaesthesia Near Bangalore View JR3475 Details 
 JR3472Associate Professor - Anaesthesia (MD / DNB)  in / around Chennai  View JR3472 Details   
JR3471 Assistant Professor - Anaesthesia (MD / DNB)  in / around Chennai View JR3471 Details  
JR3470 Sr Resident - Anaesthesia  in / around ChennaiView JR3470 Details 
 JR2269 Anaesthetist cum Intensivist  Nellore  View JR2269 - Details  
 JR2268HOD / Consultant Anaesthesia cum Intensivist Nellore View JR2268 Details 
JR2257 Intensivist - Anaesthesia (MD / DNB) A well known city of North Karnataka View JR2257 Details 
JR2238 Intensivist - Anaesthesia (MD + IDCCM) A major city of Chhattisgarh View JR2238 Details
 JR2215Registrar cardiac Anaesthesia (MD / DNB) Chennai  View JR2215 Details
JR3402A  Intensivist - Anaesthesia (DA)Near Bangalore  View JR3402A Details
JR3398A Intensivist - Anaesthesia (MD / DNB)Near Bangalore View JR3398A Details 
JR2205A Intensivist - Anaesthesia (DA + IDCCM) Chhattisgarh  View JR2205A Details
JR2173CJr Consultant / Sr Registrar - Intensivist - Anaesthesia
  - 4 Days Weekly 
Mumbai View JR2173C Details 
 JR2163CSr Registrar - Anaesthesia (MD / DNB)  - 4 Days WeeklyMumbai View JR2163C Details 
 JR2162AJr Consultant - Cardiac Anaesthesia (MD / DNBChennai View JR2162A Details 
 JR2161ASr Registrar Cardiac Anaesthetist (MD / DNB) Chennai  View JR2161A Details
 JR2159ESr Registrar - Anaesthesia - 4 Days Weekly - Mumbai MumbaiView JR2159E Details 
 JR2152Intensivist - Anaesthesia (DA) - Afternoon ShiftChennai View JR2152 Details 
 JR2151Intensivist - Anaesthesia (MD / DNB) - Afternoon Shift Chennai  View JR2151 Details  
 JR3308BAssociate Professor - Anaesthesia
(MD / DNB)
Near Bangalore View JR3308B Details 
JR3268Sr Resident - Anaesthesia (DA) Near Hyderabad View JR3268 Details 
 JR1451C HOD & Professor (Anaesthesia) Near Bangalore View JR1451C Details

If you are not able to find a position as per your requirement / preference, you may fillup the Jobs Wanted Form to indicate your preferences. We will get in touch with you if we are able to find a suitable job as per your requirement.

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