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Want more personal attention?  Need a plan tailored to your goals?  Want instant, customized, and expert feedback?  Coach Sean offers online coaching at an affordable rate that may be right for you!

There are three plans available to help you achieve your training goals.  For more information, e-mail Coach Sean at  

**Important** Our focus is to empower as many people as possible to reach a new level of health and performance- the last thing we want is for money to be the deciding factor.  E-mail us if you are interested in a program but the rates do not fit into your budget. 

 COMPETITIVE: $125/ month
  • Receive custom weekly plans outlining your training 
  • E-Mail and/or phone communication at the beginning of each week to keep things on track and make adjustments as needed
  •  Weekly opportunities for in person group training 
  • 1-hour initial consultation to evaluate your complete athletic profile including; goals, past experience, current training schedule, weaknesses, strengths, knowledge base, injury status, and more!
  • Input interactive notes and feedback on how each workout went online
  • Receive DAILY feedback as needed within the online calendar (regarding topics ranging from how things went, how to improve recovery, how to maximize the upcoming workouts, important nutritional advice etc.)

RACE: $225/month
  • A plan for those who want to become competitive with the best athletes in whatever age group and/or event being targeted
  •  At $50/week, this costs less than 1 session with a  personal trainer/ week
  • Receive EVERYTHING from the plan above
  • One, 20 minute in person, one-on-one meeting with Dr. Sean Delanghe per week (discuss how the training is going, make a dietary plan, make changes to the plan as needed, address injuries and work through any other concerns you may have)
  • Unlimited e-mail access throughout the week
In Person Personal Training Sessions: Only $51/hour for H+P athletes ($85 for others)
  • One-on-one tests where Dr. Sean Delanghe puts you through physiological tests similar to the event you are targeting. This is the BEST way to ensure performance
  • One-on-one planning sessions
  • Discounts available for block-bookings