Club Records

We are a club with a massive focus on being inclusive and perusing healthy living.  That being said, we also like trying to go as fast as we can.  Here are our club records (so far):  
*Note: In order to be considered for a club record, athletes must complete certified courses while being a registered AND active member of H+P.

Adam Hortian on his way to his 10K CR of 30:24

Men's Records
 Distance Athlete Time Date
 H+P TT Adam Hortian 6:13 July 27th, 2015
 5K Adam Hortian 14:51 September 13th, 2015
 8K Adam Hortian 25:40 January 25th, 2015
 10K Adam Hortian 30:24 April 19th, 2015
 Half Marathon Adam Hortian1:08:14 October 18, 2015
 Marathon Rob Brouillette 2:37:04 October 18, 2015

Dave Rutherford, the 1/2 marathon and marathon H+P masters record holder in action. 

Masters Men's Records (40+)
 Distance Athlete Time Date
 H+P TT Graham Dunn 7:12 July 28th, 2014
 5K Luke Ehgoetz 17:24 May 3rd, 2015
 8K Luke Ehgoetz 29:38 April 26th, 2015
 10K Luke Ehgoetz 36:12  October 18, 2015
 Half Marathon Dave Rutherford1:22:03 June 20th, 2015
 Marathon Dave Rutherford 3:00:20 August 19th, 2012

Andrea broke the 2-year old female marathon CR in October, 2015 at the Chicago Marathon.

Women's Records
 Distance Athlete Time Date
 H+P TT  Kristen Marchant 7:24 July 29th, 2014
 5K Steph Hortian18:08August 29th, 2015
 8K Steph Hortian 30:57 February 22nd, 2015
 10K Steph Hortian 37:19 April 19th, 2015
 Half Marathon Val Taiakina 1:29:07 September 22nd, 2013
 Marathon Andrea Sweny 3:07:19 October 11th, 2015

Val Hobson en-route to her TT masters women's club record

Masters Women's Records (40+)
 Distance Athlete Time Date
 H+P TT Val Hobson 8:40 July 27th, 2015
 5K Manny Jones21:26 October 18, 2015
 8K Val Hobson 34:36 November 8, 2014
 10K Val Hobson 41:13 October 18, 2015
 Half Marathon Val Hobson 1:34:21 August, 2015
 Marathon Val Hobson 3:13:53 October 27, 2013