YOUR SALT ? Listed in Ingredients label as: anti-caking agent 554, namely 
              Sodium aluminosilicate comprising sodium, aluminium, silicon and oxygen.

One company selling salt with the 554 ingredient is Salpak Pty Ltd, selling their "SAXA" salt with
 listed ingredient on it's labels: anti-caking agent 554 -  SODIUM, ALUMINIUM  and SILICON.     

               This is POISON... to health and the brain 
This salt has been sold Since 1911, with lots of Aluminium and Silicon !

"Naturally Evaporated Sea Salt" as pictured on the left is "SAXA's" salt Marketing gimmick, insinuating to the Consumer, that the salt is "Naturally" ? Natural...? Aluminium is a natural product namely metal, but how safe is it to human health?    
                                                               IS ALUMINIUM SAFE AT ALL ?
Salpac Pty Ltd is using a misleading wording on it's packaging of SAXA" salt, by using the word "Naturally". But after this is word "Evaporated" .
No company in Australia, USA, or other developed countries is allowed legally to use the word "natural" on it's packaging, if the product contains any tape of preservatives or chemicals. So with the wording "Naturally evaporated" ...' this company is not in breach of any governmental guidelines and laws. If SAXA salt had on it's packaging "Natural Sea Salt", then it will be in breach of law and would not be allowed to sell it's product with this wording.
The sad fact is, that this salt is being sold massively in every supermarket and little store you turn to... it's everywhere. By using trick advertising on it's product, they are making millions in profits (this salt is being sold since 1911 ), making people sick. The sad thing is, that people simply do not know. Anti-caking agent looks very innocent, if it was labeled "preservative" or "sodium aluminosilicate", some people would notice it and question it, and hopefully investigate it. Hopefully, they would not buy it and consume it.
How many companies are out there like Salpac pty ltd (mother company CHEETHAM SALT LIMITED, with capacity to produce 1.4 million tonnes annually) selling salt with 554 or 556 ? How many companies use their salt in their pre-prepared, ready to eat food. They supply not only the little consumer, but also smaller and larger companies for their production of food. Imagine all the chips, ready to eat food, pizzas, deserts, food you consume in restaurants, McDonalds, KFC, Hungry Jacks, fish-and-chip shops, etc etc.  These companies do not have a legal obligation to tell the consumer, or list it in their ingredients label, what is in the salt they using, because they don't manufacture salt. They produce other food by products using an already ready to use compound. It is not a little problem, anywhere you look there is salt.
By the time you eat out, you don't know what salt you consume, most likely with the anti-caking agent 554 or 556.
Similar situation is with our pets, there is salt in all commercial pet food. At least you can control your own kitchen.
Why do companies keep using dangerous or controversial chemicals ? Is it cheaper to produce. Do these companies have duty of care to safeguard the consumers well being ? Of course they do. But, when lots of products are massively produced in China or other countries, do they care ?

ARE YOU FEEDING YOUR CHILDREN AND FAMILY WITH ALUMINIUM ? Are you feeding your kids with anti-caking agent 554 or 556 ?                                       
                                                                                        CHECK YOUR SALT NOW !
Healthy alternative: sea salt in granules, without 554 or 556. Check the ingredients label. Just because salt is a sea salt, it does not necessarily mean it's free of dangerous additives such as preservative 554, aluminium. If the salt flows, it has got the anti-caking agent 554 or 556. The sea salt is made in granules, so for cooking you may use however much you need. To use it as a table salt, you can purchase the sea salt in a grinder, the grinder is most of the time re-fillable, making it an economic and safe choice. The fine flowing salt it's only achieved by using the anti-caking agent, so the salt does not form hard like a cake, hence the name "anti-caking agent".

Many of us think, that we use very little amounts of salt. Keep in mind the compounding effect. A little every day, 365 days a year. That is lots of salt, lots of aluminium (and silicon). Imagine eating a teaspoon made of aluminium. You could not even bite it. So just imagine eating that teaspoon, or 2, or 3 over a year, multiplied by 10 years or 70. Where does this chemical reside, once you have consumed it? Does it reside in the brain? (What is the connection between Aluminium and Alzheimers?).. It must go somewhere! How does it react and effect our biological and psychological processes in our body, organs, brain and cells?

We know now, that heavy metals are very unhealthy for our well being. It is because, once in our body, it stays there, as it is very hard to get it out of our body. They are solid heavy metals, our body does not have the ability to dispose of them. They can stay in our system for life.

Some of the metals are good for our health, such as zinc (maximum dosage is 100 mg per day (standard tablet is 25mg) from all sources (natural food and supplements)). Lack of it makes us sick and unwell, but too much, it is toxic and it can even kill us. For example 3,000mg of copper is a lethal dose for a human. We do need however small quantities for good health. The 3,000mg can be toxic if consumed at once, but most of the time, it is an accumulation of the metal over long period of time. Once it it builds up to the maximum amount, it can be lethal.

*Did you know that Aluminium Toxicity causes epileptic fits ? Why Aluminium Toxicity ? The amount is excessive and becomes toxic to our body, causing and or contributing to health problems and diseases. 

Are you still using aluminium pots? Aluminium dissolves in the heat of cooking and leaches in into the prepared food. WHAT CAN YOU DO TO CHANGE THIS ALUMINIUM EPIDEMIC? Speak to your friends, copy this article, print it out and hand out to family and friends, Tweet it, paste the link on Facebook. Speak to your member of Parliament, write to the Health Minister in your country, create pressure.

         Take responsibility for your health. Check packaging. Read the Ingredients. Your Health is Priceless !  

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A hair analysis requested from your doctor can be used to determine the levels 

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