How healthy n' happy are you?

Highly Effective Habits of Very Happy People


Have you always wondered what those people are thinking who always seems to have smiles on their faces? It’s not what they think, but how they act. Happy people have effective habits that they regularly practice to keep looking onto the brighter side of life, circumstances and happenings around.


(A) They take Care of Themselves:

Healthy people are happy people. Not to mention when you get your daily intake of the right nutrients and water, your body can function easier, leaving your mind at ease. When you exercise, chemicals are released into your brain that makes you feel elated and happy. People who meditate are also known to be happier because they are more connected to their mind.


(B) Surround Themselves with Happy People:

It is has been said that you become a combination of the 5 people you are around with in life. Why wouldn’t you surround yourself with people who you eventually want to be - happy?


(C) Express Gratitude:

People who can stop and recognize the blessings in their life have been proven to be happier people. If you’re having a bad day, its easy to focus on everything that is going wrong, but when you stop to think about all the things in your life that you are grateful for, everything suddenly doesn’t seem so bad.


(D) Have Pets:

There is more benefit to having a little furry companion than just pleasing your kids or having a living doll to dress up and put in your purse. Scientific studies found that people who have pets have more happy fulfilled lives.


(E) Are Self-Centered:

Not in the selfish and greedy sense, but in the sense that happy people know what they want from life. Happy people take time out each day to spend on themselves. They do not take peoples negative attitudes or feeelings effect their actions.


(F) Always Look on the Bright Side:

People who see the positive side of situations are positive. This most likely is not news to you and you know its easier said than done.  Many people have broke free from the negative cycle of thinking by using powerful mind techniques like the Silva Method.


(G) Laugh and Smile:

This may seem simple, but think of the happiest person you know, now think about how often they laugh and smile in comparison to your other friends. If your a happy person, wouldn’t it be physically impossible NOT to laugh and smile?


So isn’t time you consciously made an effort to incorporate these highly effective habits into your life?