Essay & Three Take-Aways List

Part 1: Three Take-Aways from Health IV
  • Two current health issues
    • What are two important things to you that you have learned during health this semester that impact your CURRENT health?
    • Why is this important to you?
  • One health issue or concern for the future
    • What is one important thing that you have learned during health this semester that impact your FUTURE health?
    • Why do you believe this will be important?

  • DIRECTIONS: You are to write a paragraph for each of your choices.  Please justify why this is so important in each paragraph and each paragraph should be no less than 5 sentences.


You are to create a response to the prompts below.    
  • Evaluate Health 4. 
  • What units (materials, discussions, projects, movies, etc) did you learn the most from and units you feel need to change? Tell me what you thought about the materials, including the movies, YouTube videos and the presentations. 
  • Be sure to give examples of your reasons. I would appreciate your honest opinions.

  • You must have at least 1.5 full pages and no more than 2 pages typed.  
  • You are to use correct MLA essay format with a minimum of 5-6 sentences for each paragraph.  Check out the research guide for MLA format guidelines

Part 3: Word Art
  • Import your Three Take-Aways paragraphs 
  • Click on VISUALIZE
  • You can click on "visualize" repeatedly to see different options
  • You can also set fonts, colors, etc.
  • Print out a copy

AT THE END OF THE CLASS PERIOD, you will turn in:
  • Essay (1.5-2 pages in MLA format)
  • Three Take-Aways Paragraphs (or Top 10 List, depending on class directions)
  • Word Art
Make sure that your name and class are on each!

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