Diagnosis of Lung Diseases (Tests)

Arterial blood gases


Chest Xray

Diffusion capacity (see Pulmonary function tests)

Exhaled gas testing (see Lung diffusion testing)

Exercise provocation / stress tests

Inhalation challenge tests


Lung biopsy, open

Lung biopsy, needle

Lung diffusion testing

Lung function tests (see Pulmonary function tests)

Lung plethysmography

Lung ventilation/perfusion scan

Lung volume (see Pulmonary function tests)   

Multiple breath washout test (see Pulmonary function tests)

Nasal biopsy / brush

Nasal potential difference

Nuclear lung scan

Percutaneous transthoracic needle aspiration

Pleural tap (see Thoracentesis)

Polysomnography (see Sleep study)

Pulmonary angiography

Pulmonary function tests

Six-minute walk test (see Exercise provocation / stress tests)

Sleep study


Thoracentesis (Thoracocentesis)

Transbronchial biopsy

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