GI Surgical Procedures

Colectomy  (removal of part or all of colon)
Colostomy   (During surgery, the end of the colon is brought through an opening in the belly, ending in a stoma.)  
Ileostomy   (During surgery, the end of the small intestine is brought through an opening in the belly, ending in a stoma.)   
Laparoscopy   (Type of operation done with the help of a camera in the belly or pelvis.)
Resection, Large Bowel   (removal of part of all of large bowel)
Resection, Small Bowel   (removal of part or all of small bowel)
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Additional Resources 
Patient information brochures on a number of different procedures.
Links to brochures available in Spanish (español) and other languages are also provided.
Patient information on a number of procedures.  The site also provides "information to help you understand your disease, injury, operation, lab and test results, find a surgeon and find clinical trial sites" as well.
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