How To Use This Site
When you click on any of the Top 10 Health Concerns for Northeastern Pennsylvania listed in the left-hand Navigation bar, you'll be taken to a page offering local, state, and national resources available for that condition.  Links are also provided to relevant Internet information. (Note:  these Top 10 Health Concerns were determined from data received from the Pennsylvania Health Care Cost Containment Council). 
Because NEPA counties are among the state's least healthy, we also wanted to provide a page dedicated to Wellness, offering resources for nutrition, exercise, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  Additionally, Patient Safety is a major focus of the institutions dedicated to helping you stay well, so resources are provided for that as well.
If your topic of interest is not one of the top 10, you'll still be able to find relevant information on the Local Health Calendars and Local Health Organizations pages where we provide information that is available on ANY health condition (not just the top 10). 
And we can also guide you to Finding Information on Your Own for additional information.. This page can show you where to begin your search, with specific links to trustworthy sites,  medications and supplements, symptoms, tests and procedures, and finding a health care provider, facility or insurance plan. Links to Health Information in Other Languages are also provided. 
We also have a page dedicated to helping you search the Internet.  You'll find guidelines for  evaluating the Information you find there,  as well as any health-related stories in the news.
You can also check out which HILNNEP libraries are open to the public and see what we can provide for you.   And if you are a librarian, health care provider, or member of a health care organization, please be sure to check out those pages for services we can offer to you as well.
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Disclaimer:  The information contained at this website is not intended to replace the care of a primary care physician, specialist, or other professional health care provider.  It is intended solely to complement  that care and is for general informational purposes only.  Any health information found on the Internet should always be discussed with your health care provider.
This page is maintained by members of the Health Information Library Network of Northeastern Pennsylvania (HILNNEP). 
Last updated: May 13, 2013