After selecting a symptom from the extensive listing, you'll be taken to another MedlinePlus page offering overviews, treatment options, related issues, tutorials, videos, health check tools, journal articles, organizations, information for specific age groups, clinical trials, and much more.
An interactive list of symptoms for both adults and children that allows you to select specific details. By clicking on "Find Causes", a list of possible diseases and conditions is presented.  Those with the most matches are listed first. You can then click on each condition for further information and other associated symptoms.
This interactive program is offered through WebMD.  You start by clicking on the region of the body where the symptom is.  (You can select from a realistic rendering of the front or back of a male, female, adult or child). The tool asks questions to help narrow the problem. When finished you'll be given a list of possible conditions. You can print out a report to give to your doctor. Clicking on the condition takes to you a page that gives a more in-depth explanation about that disease or condition.
Another interactive website that starts by asking you to choose if you are male or female, then the body area, and a general symptom.  You are then asked some "yes or no" questions which offer some possible causes and eventually leads to advice on the urgency of the problem and whether or not to call your doctor. This link will take you to the MyOptumHealth homepage. There is no need to log in. Click on "tools + tips" in the menu bar at the top and scroll down to the Symptom Checker.
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Last updated: May 20, 2013