Multi-Purpose Directories
This site, maintained by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) offers advice on choosing a hospital, nursing home, doctor, or health plan and information on navigating the ER or health care system in general.  Be sure to check out the Quick Checks for Quality link and the more extensive Your Guide to Choosing Quality Health Care. The guide is archived, but still has good information.

Consumer Health Ratings
This site, developed by a former hospital CEO, lists "evaluated" health services and enables you to search by conditions, specialized facilities, etc.
This site can help you find a family doctor, specialist, Medicare Physician, dentist, other healthcare provider (such as a midwife, nutritionist, physical or speech therapist,  hospital, clinic, urgent care center, nursing home, and so much more.
In addition to general health news and an extensive section on diseases and conditions, you'll also find rankings for hospitals (including children's and browsable by specialty), health insurance plans (including commercial, Medicare, and Medicaid), and nursing homes (including helpful information on how to select the best one).
You can search for doctors or other health care providers, dentists (Including pediatric and sports), hospitals, nursing homes, home health care, hospice care, other health care facilities, and a wide variety of health organizations, including federal agencies, Health and Human Services, non-profits, and state health organizations.
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Additional Resources
This website rates the other websites that rate doctors, hospitals, and nursing home. They give them a grade and indicate what they like about them and what they don't.

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Disclaimer:  The information contained at this website is not intended to replace the care of a primary care physician, specialist, or other professional health care provider.  It is intended solely to complement  that care and is for general informational purposes only.  Any health information found on the Internet should always be discussed with your health care provider.
This page is maintained by the library staff of  Wilkes-Barre General Hospital, a member of the Health Information Library Network of Northeastern Pennsylvania (HILNNEP). 
Last updated: May 14, 2013