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1-Balanced Diet

I believe the key to health is to eat a balanced diet.  Specifically, I've found that I need to balance anti-acid (alkaline) and acid foods, Omega3 and Omega6, as well as potassium and sodium in specific ratios.  Supposedly the optimal ratio of anti-acid:acid foods is 4:1.  However, you'll need to experiment to find what works best for you.  The optimal ratio of Omega3:Omega6 is supposedly 1:1 and the optimal ratio of potassium:sodium is supposedly 1.5:1.

I've come up with a 'Core Diet' that nearly meets all the ratios above and that has 100% of the USRDA of most vitamins and minerals.  See the '2-My Current Diet' page and the '3-Diet Analysis' page for more details.      

For more details on anti-acid (alkaline) and acid foods, see the '4-FoodChart' and '5-Food Chart Explained' pages.  For more details on Omega3 and Omega6 see the '7-Omega3' secton