I am a pre-service teacher studying Early Childhood Education in Regina, Saskatchewan.

This site was recently developed as a resource-base as part of a personal and professional development health action plan I have been working on.  


  • I focused mostly on physical and psychological/emotional wellness.
  • Throughout this action plan I have been focusing on the energy in my life.  I have changed the way I eat, am working on getting more hours of quality sleep each night, and am also working on slowing down during my day for some positive enjoyment.  
  • These past few months I have really noticed the difference in my quality of life when my energy is high and positive, as compared to when my energy is low or negative.


  • I connected the growth I experienced personally, within the physical and psychological/emotional dimensions of wellness, to some plans for growth professionally within the spiritual and social dimensions of wellness.
  • As an educator, I undertook a process of looking really closely at the energies that surround children, teachers, and the environments and communities within which they live.  
  • I noticed lots of healthy, positive energies, and some negative ones as well.  
  • Children seem to be the source of never-ending energy!  I found out through my observations that classroom teachers, through their actions and words, can either encourage this energy and direct it in a positive, productive direction, or discourage it and end up cutting down a child's sense of belonging, individuality, and self-worth in the process.

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  • The dimensions of wellness
  • Creating a classroom community 
  • Using drum circles with children
  • Lesson plans and activities  
  • Fantastic resources

My focus on personal and professional development is far from over! 

Check this page in the future while it becomes updated as I discover even more about how to promote health for the whole child.

You can also check out my online professional profile at: http://sites.google.com/site/morganbayda/ 

  • I started to attend a drum circle as a means of finding out more about positive communities and energy.  Through this process I learned many things about respect, communities, interdependence, the human spirit, and energy.
  • Further research about the health benefits of drum circles drew me to the conclusion that I definitely want to use drum circles with groups of children as a means of promoting spiritual, social and psychological/emotional wellness, and as a means of promoting the development of the whole child.     

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