Welcome to the Health Cluster South Sudan!

The Health Cluster is a platform for health partners from all over South Sudan to come together,
coordinate and share information and collaboratively ensure a strong and coherent approach to health service delivery especially in humanitarian emergencies.

Led by the Ministry of Health and State Ministries of Health with support from the World Health Organization and lead NGOs, currently over 110 health partners participate in the Health Cluster at national or state level.                                                                                                                                        

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Download the CAP Mid Year Review 2012 to find the current strategy of the Health Cluster and other humanitarian partners.


Partners working with Health Cluster at state or central level in 2012:
  Ministry of Health and all State Ministries of Health, AAH-I, Across, ACH, ADRA, AMREF, ARC, Arkangelo Ali Association (AAA), AVSI, AWODA, BMGF, BRAC, BSF, CARE, Carter Centre, CDoT Central Equatoria, CDoT Eastern Equatoria, Caritas, CARE, CCM, CDTY,  CDC (Centre for Disease Control and Prevention), CEPP, CEFA, CISP, CMA, CMMB, Comboni Missions Hospital, Concern Worldwide, Cordaid, COSV, CP, CRADA, CRS, CUAMM, DAE, DeFROSS, Diakone, Diocese of Malakal, DKH Germany, Doctors with Africa,  ECS Minye Diocese, ECS Nzara Diocese, ECS of Rhumbek, ECS,  Food for the Hungry, GOAL, Handicap International, Healthnet TPO, IMA, IMC, International Aid Services, IOM, IRC, John Dau Foundation, Johanitter International Association, John Snow Inc, JOT, Malaria Consortium, Malteser International, Marie Stopes International, Massachussettes General Hospital, MayDi, Medair, the Mentor Initiative, Merlin, MRDO, MSH, Mustard Seed, NCA, NCDA, Netherlands Red Cross, NHDF, NHI, NIP, NPA, Oxfam, Polish Centre for International Aid, PSF,  PSI, Relief International, Samaritan’s Purse, Save the Children in South Sudan, Servant’s Heart, Sign of Hope, South Sudan Red Cross, SIM, SSHCO, SSAC, SSYM,  SUDRA, Sudan Medical Relief (Dr Jill), SUHA, Tearfund, THESO, UMCOR, UNAIDS, UNFPA, UNHCR, UNICEF, UNKEA, UNIDO, WFP, WHO, World Vision International, World Relief. International observers:  MSF, ICRC.   Donor observers: ECHO, OFDA, CIDA, DFID, EU, Joint Donor Team, USAID.

Photo: Pibor County Emergency Health Cluster Meeting Feb 2012

See updates and announcements from the entire health sector including the NGO Health Forum and Health Cluster on the South Sudan Health Forum Google Group. Learn more or check for updates here.