Click on the desired link to reach an external google doc site for maps where you will be able to browse and download individual files as you choose.

Maps of health facilities and partners

Current health facility maps showing supporting partners are available for
  • Abyei Area
  • Warrap
  • Northern Bahr el Ghazal
  • Unity
  • Upper Nile
    • Maban County
    • Renk County
  • Jonglei
    • Akobo County
    • Pibor County
    • Jonglei State

Remember, as maps for all states are not available, also check the who is doing what where page to see tables of partner mappings.

Currently maps are available for
  • Abyei displaced 2011
  • Akobo clashes 2012
  • Border Crisis April 2012
  • Jonglei Clashes Jan 2012
  • Kala Azar Epidemic
  • Maban County Refugees
  • Measles outbreaks 2011 and 2012
  • Monthly Health Cluster Maps of Humanitarian and Health Emergencies
  • OCHA Maps for Conflict and Displacement
  • Renk County Returnees
  • Returnee areas of highest concentration
  • Yida Refugees
Also browse through Bulletins and Updates and National Level Health Cluster Meetings and minutes to review further information on the different emergencies.

Health Cluster and CAP 2012 Partners

CHF 2012 Round 1 Supported Areas

come look at minutes from the last health clsuter meetings