About Us

Welcome to all who aim for improved health care soon! This website aims to help community leaders all across the US when they want to fix something that is going wrong with their own local health care system.  At its start, the information here was collected from pioneering projects – some sponsored by philanthropic grants, some by Medicare, some by the local participants themselves.  You are invited to add to this site by participating in our Facebook discussions, we hope to provide the kind of neighborly help that got pioneers across this great land – someone forged ahead and built the initial maps, and then those pioneers shared their wisdom with those who came along a bit later.  You can get started with any of the topics on the left, or with a topic search using the "Search this site" box at the top of the screen.  

Some of the insights on this site arise from the Care Transitions work sponsored by Medicare, and some from other projects and local coalitions in the US and in other countries.  The site is set up for the users to own.  We look forward to your input.