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12 Weeks

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You should have a firm grasp on your budget, an idea of your numbers and your technology needs, etc. This is a good time to sign contracts, order things, and confirm costs so you aren’t surprised closer to the event.

Don’t forget your volunteers – they can help with some of this!

  • Order your food

Food considerations:

  • Don’t forget the vegetarians and vegans in the group if you are ordering sandwiches/wraps
  • Make sure to remember dessert
  • Ask that anything made, including cookies and brownies, NOT include any nuts - just make it easier for those with allergies
  • Mid-morning and Mid-afternoon snacks are always welcome – granola bars, cookies, fruit, pretzels / chips - this is something that your volunteers can bring in, if you are looking at budgeting constraints
  • Lots and Lots of water

Check with your venue whether they provide the catering or they allow you to bring catering in. If you are allowed to bring in food and refreshments you can trim your costs by supplying some of the food yourself (may be a run to Dunkin Donuts or your favorite coffee shop for the morning coffee is an option)

Double check location costs: Make sure that you don’t have to pay extra for:

  • Technology
  • Staffing
  • Rooms

Giveaways: Order your giveaways, if you are having any
Remember – this isn’t a conference … you don’t have to give away a bunch of stuff. People would rather the costs were down than receive another bag or hat.

  • Sometimes a couple of really great Door Prizes is better than giving everyone a t-shirt

Money is better spent on food for the day than a bunch of chockies

Branded Items: Use CafePress to create branded items for your event. A shop is already in place. Contact@ekivemark to get items added. While the cost will be more expensive than a bulk order it does provide an easy way to order a limited number of shirts, buttons etc. for volunteers and sponsors. You can also advertise the link so people can order their own items.
You probably do want to have something for your volunteers - a special button or shirt to indicate that they are part of the planning team is a good recognition, not only of your volunteers, but also the day of the event

Miscellaneous Items: Signage – do you need anything professionally created to direct people to your location, parking, etc?

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