A Total, Personalized Solution to Getting and Staying Healthy

WeLuvUs is putting in place all the tools you'll need to navigate the journey to better health. By providing personalized guidance, relevant, accurate, health-related information, and clinically-validated programs and tools that can fit easily and seamlessly into your hectic lifestyle, we'll allow you to take control and improve your health.

We believe there are three fundamental building blocks to achieving optimal health: diet and nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle. Failing to address any one of these will ultimately prevent you from achieving the you you want to be. And let's face it, you're the only you in the world.

In a very short time now, you'll see the stay healthy difference. We'll provide resources and tools to help you address each of the fundamental building blocks. And, just like we do today, we'll provide state-of-the art, highly accurate, but affordable, assessment and measurement tools to augment your personalized health-improvement program. We think the advantages of this comprehensive, personalized and fundamentally different approach to proactive healthcare and improvement, particularly relative to other, less holistic and personalized approaches, will make all the difference to your ultimate success.

  Stay Healthy Approach by HealthAzure

Step 1:

We'll assess your current health status - How healthy are you now?

ie: Nutritional Survey, Blood or Stool Tests and/ or Functional Examination

Blood Serum Testing & Analysis 

Step 2:

We'll create your personalized health plan - including diet recommendations, fitness levels and lifestyle information most applicable to you. (What should you do?)

Step 3:

We'll provide assessment and monitoring tools to track your progress and continue to provide motivation. (How are you doing?)

Step 4:

We'll continue to track your progress over time and alert you to any required activities to maintain your "Staying Healthy Lifestyle".
(Am I maintaining my good health?)

DR. Nicolas Vallejos, DC

Preventative, Restorative and Functional Chiropractic

Kerstin Marie Wheale


Holistic Therapist Reiki Master Healer/ Teacher