Welcome to Healing of Spirit, I would like to offer my  assistance  in helping you manage the stresses in your life through relaxing alternative therapies treatments,massage, Reiki, Reflexology or intuitive counseling sessions.  I would also like to offer to teach you self empowering tools to help you live a more joyful life.

Like Attracts Like. Life is full of stress factors, how you deal with them, how you balance the busyness of life with relaxing moments will reflect in every aspect of your life.

Allow your mind to quiet and your body to relax when receiving a massage blended with Reflexology and Reiki , as you   let go of stress every aspect of your life will become more enjoyable.
A Psychic Reading can assist you in making challenging decisions,  as a clairvoyant I can look at what is coming into your life and help you welcome it or change it. The counsel of a trusted friend can make even the most challenging decisions easier.

Receiving treatments from someone is very powerful, but learning to manage the stresses of your life empowers you and allows you to live a healthier life. 

Learning  to give yourself or your loved ones a Reiki  treatment is as simple as taking a one day class. Developing your intuition which as Edgar Cayce said is " The voice of your soul", will allow you to develop your creativity and connect with others with more ease.

There are a lot of discussions about health care, what if  you could live a fun, happy and healthy life by simply incorporating alternative therapies into day to day activities.

Have a great Day!