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The following is a directory of holistic practitioners or providers in Montana and beyond.  The list, in alphabetical order, includes practitioners in many different specialties of but all share in the compassionate intent for your wellness.  As you know, there are many ways to address your particular health needs.  The phone book is filled with all sorts of medical professionals and are not included here.  A little harder to find are those practitioners, equally proficient in their skills, but approach wellness in a more holistic way, paying attention to not only your physical body, but your mind, emotions and spirit as well.  It is up to you to take charge of your life and health and choose which methodology you feel will be the most effective.

Holistic Practitioners/Providers: 
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 Licensed Massage Therapists 
 Cate Clark

As a former Helena resident, I still feel my Montana roots, heart and soul. A passion for ceramics took me to the Archie Bray Foundation to learn from artists from around the world. I had a thriving massage therapy practice from 1999 - 2003 in the Old St. John's Building and looked forward to Reiki Circle which was always a nurturing experience for me. My parents, Chester and Delores Clark of Missouri, still visit the Circle when in Helena.

Services offered:  My signature massage is an integrated blend of hot stones, Swedish and deep tissue. I am also certified in Lymph Drainage Therapy (Vodder) and offer a variety of manual therapy techniques and bodywork styles.
Products offered:  I offer custom ceramic art tiles for your installations as well as finished mixed media mosaic wall panels.
Location: 3500 Comanche Road NE in Albuquerque, New Mexico. You can visit my Albuquerque North Valley art studio by appointment.
Website:  www.RiverStoneCate.com
To make an appointment:
Phone:  505-401-4015
Email:  riverstonecate@gmail.com

 Leah Lambert

My studies include the following:
EFT--attended classes through Master's Level
Massage Therapy--licensed, hospital & hospice trained. Safe, nurturing, therapeutic massage for women.
Hypnotherapy--Clinical Certification with additional training in Past Life Regression with Brian Weiss, MD.
Shamanism--trained with antropologist, Michael Harner of Foundation for Shamanic Studies in Marin. Additional training with Sandra Ingerman in Soul Retrieval.
ThetaHealingTM--teacher's certificate under Vianna Striebal

I have recently completed Jo Dunning's Quick Pulse Training and the Quick Pulse Surrogate Training.  Quick Pulse is a means of activating Source Energy to clear negative emotional, physical or mental issues in one's life.

Services offered:  I request the presence of my own Spirit Guides, Guardian Angels, Power Animals and Spiritual Healers--and those of the client. The healings come through me not from me. I make suggestions to the client but ultimately defer to them for final choice.
Products offered:  I also paint Portraits. When I paint a person, there is an energetic healing that takes place during and upon completion of the portrait.
Fees:  Varies
Location:  1900 N. Last Chance Gulch, #4, Helena, MT  59601  (at Villard & next to the Flower Haus)
To make an appointment:  I work by appointment only.
Phone:  (406) 212-3371
 Reiki Practitioners

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 Carol Bridge

Carol began her journey in 1986, receiving training through the years in many different healing modalities including:
Reiki, which is the longest, Theraputic Touch, Self Help Jin Shin Jyutsu, Basic EFT, Energy Matrix, Precision Energy, Quantum Touch, Huna Signature Cell healing, Theta and Bars.

Services offered:  Reiki treatment sessions
Fees:  TBD
Location:  4895 Birdseye Rd, Helena, MT
To make an appointment:
Phone:  406-443-7225
Cell:  406-868-2347
Email:  Bridgehelena@aol.com
 Jay Pocius

Jay is a Certified Reiki Master Teacher in the Usui Method of Natural Healing who was initially trained in Reiki in 1980 by Ethel Lombardi, one of Hawayo Takata's original 22 Masters.  She has been utilizing Reiki energy ever since, working on minor as well as major ailments for people, animals and plants.  Jay has taught and still offers all three levels of Reiki Workshops.  She hosted, along with her husband Peter, the twice-a-month Healing Light Reiki Circle, from September 11, 2001 to March 27, 2012.  In addition, she was a presenter in the First Annual Conscious Living Roundup in 2011, sponsored by the Helena Noetics Group.

Jay has also received training in Soaring Crane Qigong, Intuition and Remote Viewing, Therapeutic Touch, Harold McCoy's 'Healing and the Power of Your Mind', Jin Shin Jyutsu, Energy Medicine, and ThetaHealingTM.

Services offered:  Reiki treatment sessions for you and/or your animal companion
Fees:  $60.00/hr with 30 min minimum
Location:  Private healing room in my home, or your home.
Website:  Healing Light Reiki
To make an appointment:
Phone:  406-431-8477
 Jackie Windon

Jackie is a Reiki Master/Teacher who has been practicing Reiki in the Helena Valley since 2004.  She is also a licensed and certified Massage Therapist.  She enjoys blending the two modalities to create a soothing and healing experience for her clients

Services offered:  Reiki treatment or massage sessions
Fees:  $1.00/min with 30 min minimum
Website:    Ruby Rock Bookstore
To make an appointment:
Phone:  406-422-7366