I am the Deaconess of The Healing Church I.N.R.I., a Biblical Originalist Church. Our church follows the literal meaning of the original languages of Holy Scripture. Therefore, we take quite seriously G-d's command to Moshe and Yeshua to heal with an oil made from KNH BSM (cannabis) at Exodus 30:23 and elsewhere.

We are undertaking a 40 day pilgrimage on foot to Washington, DC, beginning on August 14, 2015 and ending on September 23, 2015, the Feast of Trumpets. We are walking to DC to ask the Holy Father, Pope Francis, and President Obama to come out and share our cannabis. We will be bringing a baby plant of a strain called 'Lion's Milk', and we would like to ask the Holy Father to bless it. Following the advice given at Nehemiah chapter 8, we will be gathering in the open area in front of the Water Gate, and following the advice in Nehemiah 4:20, we will be blowing the Shofar. Please join us at 4:20 on that blessed day to share a peace pipe and end the drug war.

We also have an event planned for Sunday, September 13, The Feast of Trumpets, also in DC. In the Book of Nehemiah 4:20, it is written that when we blow the ram's horn trumpet ("Shofar"), then Divine help will arrive.

Come join us
at the Washington Monument at 4:20PM EDT, as we Spark the Change!

God bless you.

- Deaconess Anne

The Healing Church shares prayers, fellowship, and the healing medicine described in Exodus 30:23 to those in need of physical and/or spiritual healing.