How can you help?

    -  Locally - Be a HAWS Angel

 HAWS' Angels help us keep a parish or an organization in touch with events impacting domestic violence victims.

Their activities may vary but always include:

keeping HAWS material available;

updating HAWS event notices such as retreat and fundraiser dates;

recruiting HAWS volunteers;

having access to and use of Internet, email and Facebook;

organizing any local HAWS presentation; and

having knowledge of local domestic violence services.

First step: Have your pastor or organization leader send Mother Anne Curtin an email at motheranne47@gmail.com recommending you to be a HAWS Angel for the parish or organization. Then we will get you started!!

HAWS Goal:  One Angel in each parish or organization.

    -  Pray for victims and abusers. 


    -  Make or donate prayer shawls.  

             Shawls are given to women at retreats, days of reflection, at half way houses and shelters.


    -  Assist in the office in downtown Albany, NY.


    -  Prepare a dish for our appetizer buffet and silent auction.

    -  Donate an item for the silent auction.