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Video Presentations 
See our new video! Hear and see how domestic violence impacts lives. See Calendar of Events on Home Page for upcoming presentations.
To schedule a presentation, please call Mother Anne at 518 755 3325 or email to

Tools for the Journey Retreat

What is a retreat?  A retreat is spending time away from daily pressures to energize ourselves and renew our relationship with a Higher Power or God.

What are the Tools retreats about?  Tools retreats help women to discover and build spiritual wellness for the ups and downs of life’s journey.

In our lives, we may have resorted to false supports: people who hurt us, dangerous circumstances or substances. Every time we told ourselves it will be different ...with the same results.  Yet the journey is not about how many times we have fallen, but how many times we have gotten up. Together we will find the tools to make better life choices and nurture spiritual resilience.  New tools alone – even tools of wellness - won't change our lives. We need to see ourselves as we truly are, as God sees us. We need to look within, to see who we want to see and not who others have tried to make us.

Please come and discover, begin or strengthen a spiritual wellness with a loving God who longs for a relationship with us.

Who can come?  All women. You do not have to be Christian or church affiliated to attend.

How much does a retreat cost?  The cost for the Tools Retreats include meals, programs and an overnight stay in a private room. The price is $120.  Scholarships are available for those in need.  Please ask.

What happens on a retreat?  We seek God's healing.  

He said to his disciples, "Come away to some lonely place all by yourself and rest for ahile, for there were so many coming and going that there there was not time for them even to eat. (Mark 6:31)

Can you hear the invitation in those words?  The "coming and going" of our busy lives leave little or no time to reflect or wonder about's life's purpose and meaning.  Where am I going?  Does anyone really care?  How will I get through this difficult time?  Is there a caring Higher Power or God?  Is there anyone to listen?
On retreats we relax, learn from leaders and new friends as we seek to hear our true spiritual voices.

When is the next retreat?  Retreats are held annually.  The next retreat is September 7-8, 2018 at the Dominican Retreat and Conference Center, Niskayuna, NY.  Send an email, hawsalbany@gmail.comto be placed on our mailing list.  Indicate "retreat" in the subject. 

May I request a retreat scholarship if I have received one for a prior year’s retreat?

Yes. There are no limits on how many times a person may request a scholarship.  Scholarships, however, are limited in number and are usually awarded on a first-come, first-served basis.  This means receipt of a scholarship in a prior year does not automatically guarantee the award of a scholarship for another year’s retreat.

How do I stay in contact with HAWS?

  1. We host a page on Facebook and have a website,, both of which have lists of events and activities.
  2. Please keep your addresses, snail mail and email etc., up to date on the HAWS “Mailing List.”  To do that, please send your current address in an email to or mail to our Office at 68 S. Swan St., Albany, NY 12210. Please put Mailing List Update in the email subject line or on the envelope.



Praying with Needles

Thank you for your support of our prayer shawl ministry.  Your generous efforts give the arms of Christ to every woman who wraps herself in these shawls.

We need more shawls as we minister to more women in need.  Please call 518 755 3325 to donate shawls or mail to our office at 68 South Swan St. Albany, NY 12210.

One Step Further

Recognize these shoes? 

Your donations of gently used running shoes to HAWS are getting miles and smiles on them!  These were collected at the Kinderhook Bank OK5k.

To donate shoes or gear for victims contact us.