Brian is an extraordinary Energy Healer visiting us from western Michigan who has an amazing capacity for recognizing and removing negative energies. His healing sessions are very powerful.  Stop by Brian's booth to schedule a session.

What is Energy Healing?

An electromagnetic field surrounds our physical bodies.  When we feel discomfort in certain areas of our bodies it can be because we have created blockages in the flow of energy and are creating an imbalance.  If someone is ready to let those blockages go, Brian can help remove them!

How it happens:

By using God Conscious Energy, healing is allowed to flow through Brian and if the client is ready, blockages and imbalances can be repaired in the electromagnetic field that surrounds the physical body.  Blockages can occur when we try to protect ourselves from a 'wound' whether it is physical, emotional, or spiritual thereby depleting the overall field of energy.  By placing the hands on the body, Brian can feel blocks, re-align the flow of energy that can make you feel a change in your body.


In 1995, he received a formal training in massage, Reiki 1, 2, 3 and studied with a Shaman from New Zealand to learn "blockage removal".  All of Brian's healing is done in conjunction with Mother/Father GOd, Masters, and Spirit Guides.  When directed by Spirit, Brian also uses crystals, natural stones, and orbs to help heal the body.

Brian has done healing work in Canada, Mixico, Egypt, England, Arizona, Florida, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, North and South Carolina.