I highly encourage you to buy a $10 arduino in time for our third meeting.  I only have four and there are a lot of kids in the club and you'll be able to focus more on your own device.  Check out the "Equipment" page on the left for links.

The "Mission"
The main point behind the Healdsburg Hacker Club is for you to explore the amazing and surprisingly accessible world of electronics and programming.

Those that are new to this world may want to have a roadmap to get them started.  For that reason I'll be adding to the "Lessons" section linked over there on the left.  I'll start from the very beginning and you can see what looks interesting to you and veer off on any direction you'd like.

Since the Arduino involves learning basic electronics and programming, I'm designing my instructional videos around it.  Once you get acquainted with the general ideas behind the Arduino, you may want to buy your own and even get your own addon ("shield") that looks interesting.  Feel free to bring those in and I can help in getting it up and running.

Please feel free to drop on by and give it a try.  You can find the next meeting in the calendar below.

List of next events: