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Helps the person’s vital force in healing one’s self.  Dis-eases are energetic imbalances, homeopathy aligns one’s energy in a way that’s health promoting and is the key to unlock one’s own potential for healing.  More 


Recognizes that the body, mind, spirit are connected and in order to cure or heal, the three have to be in tune with nature.  Rooted firmly in using natural, non-toxic therapies for healing, naturopathy helps to remove the obstacles to cure in a gentle but effective way. More


The fundamental essence of healing.  During a nutrition visit, a patient learns foods that are most beneficial for him or her and then together, doctor and patient, create a plan that the patient to follow on a long-term basis. More

Botanical Medicine 

Botanical medicines- eastern or western are centered in the healing powers of naturally growing plants.  Herbs may be used for many different ailments.  More


One of the many energy medicines that help to remove blockages in a patients energy-body and aids in the healing process. More

Guided Imagery

A technique that has been used extensively and proven effective for stress-relief and stress-related conditions.  Can also serve as a nice compliment to counseling. More