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Get oriented: There are new-patient orientations that will be scheduled on an on-going basis, once per month.  This is a great time to come to see the office, ask questions, meet Dr.Shah, and more!  This would be highly recommended if you are sure you want to be a patient OR if you are considering it and not sure if Naturopathic Medicine can help you.

Your first visit: is generally a 2-2 1/2 hour intensive interview.  This is a complete comprehensive interview which helps the doctor and patient create a program for their healing process. The main focus of the interview is Homeopathy, which is one particular modality that treats the whole person- not the disease/ailment.   Homeopathy also helps at a deep level, treating the underlying cause and assists the patient in a profound healing experience.  Homeopathy is the primary medicine which helps to remove the obstacles to cure and heal.  Beyond this, the doctor and patient can create the ideal plan towards complete well-being.

Subsequent visits: are generally more frequent in the beginning and as the patient becomes healthier, the visits become less frequent.  The goal is to empower the patient with all the tools they need so that they can come in only as frequently as they want to.  Compared to the many doctors that keep patients coming back every week, we aim to help the patient truly heal and also learn to live a healthy lifestyle so they don't need to come back! 



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Cooking classes available... please ask for more info. 



** "Dr. Binal Shah holds her work close to her heart while conducting herself in a professional manner. She eats, sleeps, talks, and acts on healing.  She is a great listener and very insightful. I would recommend Dr. Shah without hesitation to consult for your health and mental well being."  (M.Q., New Jersey)

** "Dr. Binal has demonstrated both professional, tactful and personable interfacing allowing her skills to be effective and resourceful. She offers great results, good value, on time performances and very creative. Her healing demeanor is a plus to anyone who calls upon her for service." (A.K., Washington DC)

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