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 Single Payer Healthcare...

"Currently, the U.S. health care system is outrageously expensive, yet inadequate. Despite spending more than twice as much as the rest of the industrialized nations ($7,129 per capita), the United States performs poorly in comparison on major health indicators such as life expectancy, infant mortality and immunization rates. Moreover, the other advanced nations provide comprehensive coverage to their entire populations, while the U.S. leaves 47 million completely uninsured and millions more inadequately covered... 

needless administration consumes one-third (31 percent) of Americans’ health dollars"


More about single payer: http://www.pnhp.org/facts/single_payer_resources.php 



"Organic" means it has not been grown with chemical fertilizers or pesticides.  The human body is more prone to disease when the internal milleu is unhealthy.  Similarly, non-organic farmers have to use large amounts of pesticides to fight the pests that feed on sickly plants, lacking vitality.  Healthy plants, full of nutrients, can easily fend off these pests.  Also, they have to use more fertilizers to stimulate non-organic plant growth.  Healthy plants need healthy soil.


Eckhart Tolle advocates homeopathy

War is a Mind-set, an excerpt from “A New Earth” by Eckhart Tolle

“These days you frequently hear the expression “the war against” this or that… there is the war against drugs, the war against crime, the war against terrorism, the war against cancer, the war against poverty and so on…  The war against disease has given us, amongst other things, antibiotics.  At first, they were spectacularly successful, seemingly enabling us to win the war against infectious diseases.  Now, many experts agree that the widespread and indiscriminate use of antibiotics has created a time bomb and that antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria, so-called super bugs, will in all likelihood bring about a reemergence of those diseases and possibly epidemics.  According to the Journal of the American Medical Association, medical treatment is the third-leading cause of death after heart disease and cancer in the United States.  Homeopathy and Chinese medicine are two examples of possible alternative approaches to disease that do not treat the illness as an enemy and therefore do not create new diseases.”

The Skinny on Fats

A lot of patients come in trying to lose weight by doing low-fat diets.  Of course that sounds logical BUT… fats are essential for optimal brain function.  What we really need to be focusing on is the type of fat. 

In short, there are two main families of fats- saturated and unsaturated.  The saturated oils, in general are detrimental to health and should be avoided.  They are most often found in processed/ pre-packaged foods, meats, dairy, etc... The Skinny on Fats

A mind-body experience (Jan 7, 08)

            So there was a health justice gathering at Gesundheit! which I had the opportunity to attend. Patch Adams’ workshop was on love. Yes, love! How many times are we taught how to love and love strategies? Probably very few… but considering that most people consider it a high priority why don’t we have more classes on love?  Love is the answer right? More

A week with Patch and many other revolutionaries

I recently had the opportunity to spend a week with Patch Adams (yes, he's still alive and is a real person not just a movie star!) and Susan Parenti (school for designing a society) and many many many other great doctors, artists, etc. who are doing all kinds of revolutionary things.  For me personally, it just seemed like such a blessing to be in the presence of all these great people- to be humbled and at the same time inspired.  Inspired to start manifesting my vision for a better world and a better health-care delivery system-- to put the care back into health-care!  Pictures from "Health Care Design Intensive"

Environmentalism, Spiritualism and Health

It just occurred to me that environmental consciousness has to be an intricate part of spirituality.  Why? We are all one—the universe is only one and hence caring for the planet and assisting in helping to move forward in a more positive direction rather than the mass destruction that’s currently occurring is a spiritual, and even a moral, act.  More